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Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Kindergarten Checklist

Kaelyn working hard

I have seen great strides in Kaelyn, my beautiful, smart six year-old.  She is already reading.  Having my children learn to read lets me know that I am doing a good job.  I do have to say that she has learned to read the quickest out of my four children.  It's not that she is brighter than the others.  It is because she has lots of teachers around her in the form of siblings.   

Kaelyn has been finishing up lots of her workbooks.  I've been wanting to pinpoint her progress.  How do I figure it out?  I'm turning to World Book's (an online encyclopedia) website.  It has a webpage devoted to showing the typical coursework for each grade, starting from preschool to 12th grade.  You can find it here:

Typical Course of Study for each grade.

The following list is a sampling of the Kindergarten list:

Social Studies

__human needs
__awareness of self and other


__five senses
__sun and moon


Language Arts

__reading along
__listening to different genres
__familiarity with fairy tales and fables
__role playing
__following directions
__brainstorming ideas
__retelling stories
__beginning writing process



__choosing right foods to eat
__body parts



__count to 20
__count items
__more than
__less than
__same amount
__first, second, third positions
__basic sets
__simple addition 
__simple subtraction
__number line

I will print out the above checklist.  I'll quiz her, verbally, on some of these concepts.  Whatever we haven't covered, I will address during the summer.  The great thing about homeschooling is: we can extend the teaching/learning time.  

I cannot claim credit for finding this website.  It was long ago that I was directed to the Typical Course of Study at the World Book Website.  Another homeschool mom informed me about the website.  I recommend that if you do not have clear direction of what to teach while homeschooling, this website will at least give you a list of what needs to be taught.  Admittedly, some topics are covered several times throughout a child's learning career. 

How about you, my readers?  How do you assess your children's progress?  Do you look for progress based on their activities?  Or do you use a formal test to find out how much your children have learned?  If you want to skip expensive tests, you can always visit Typical Course of Study.  You can also use that website to plan for the teaching content for the next year.

I hope your children have enjoyed their learning time; Kaelyn has clearly loved learning with her fun workbooks and worksheets.

May God bless you all with His wisdom and peace.

This has been an entry for Thorough Thursdays.  Hope you liked it.


  1. When I set out to start Kindergarten, I went through the book What Your Kindergartner should Know and another book that slips my mind right now. I made a list of the things in both of 'em and just made sure we hit those areas throughout the year. We covered it all and more as far as I know. In fact most of the stuff I looked at for 1st grade we've already covered since a lot of it is just going over the same stuff.

  2. Jade,

    That's so true. Since my daughter has a lot of teachers in the house, Kaelyn learned more than what she needed. She can count to 100, when this list only requires up to 20. I also didn't use the expensive stuff that was curriculum based.

    Rebecca G.


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