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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

D is for Using a Digital Camera as a Tool to Teach

I'm currently participating in an ABC's for homeschooling challenge.  
Since it falls on Tuesdays, I am adding a technological slant to the challenge.  
I hope you stay tuned and enjoy my entries.

I started out my blog for various reasons.  The most important reason is that I wanted to record life lessons for my children.  I have found, through blogging, that pictures can carry the messages a long way.  Visual cues provide visual learners a way to relate to the information with a much more keen interest in the content.  I, myself, am a visual person so I understand this concept.

Digital cameras can be wonderful teaching tools.

In my blog reading, I have sought out blogs that provide rich images of how mothers organize their own homes.  I am loving this springtime cleaning season.  Many mom bloggers are taking before and after pictures of their decluttering and reorganization of specific rooms.  I love seeing their ideas come to fruition.  The explanations provided entice me to try out some of their ideas, often with my own tweaking.

You might think that I am only referring to myself and my enjoyment of taking photographs.  I have been fortunate enough to have taken some lessons in photography in my junior high and high school years.  They have shaped the way I take photographs.  I don't claim to be an expert.  I just know what I want to convey through my pictures.

Picture-taking is essential for me for several reasons.  Yes, I capture memories.  Yes, I love to record vacations and milestones.  Who doesn't?  I, more importantly, want to teach with my photographs.

Picture of organization of a bedroom, essential to homemaking

For example, to teach homemaking to my children, I am taking before and after pictures of my decluttering efforts in my own home.  I want to show my children about the importance of organization for a home to run efficiently.  It is important that they learn the skill of organization for when they have their own homes.  I am taking the time to jot down notes and adding before and after pictures to my blog entries about organization; I want to provide my children with examples of cleanliness in a home.  It might give them inspiration to reorganize their own bedrooms after seeing what I can do.

Picture of a cooked meal is a wonderful teaching tool.

Another way I use photography to teach my children is in the area of cooking.  I am enjoying blogging and taking pictures of meals (and their ingredients) that my children can make for themselves.  I have blogged about making soups, salads, and tacos.  I have made a point about making meals that are colorful for the eyes, too.  A melody of colors in a meal can lure people into eating your delicious, healthy meals.

Pictures of gardening help teach about science.

Of course, I must mention gardening.  My children should know about plants for science.  Is there a better way to learn about plants than to plant seeds and watch them grow?  I love the fact that out of seeds something big, juicy, and delicious grows out of the earth to eat.  My children have gardened for several years, but with pictures, those memories have been recorded for later viewing.

Well, thanks for reading this entry.  I hope I have provided some advice on how to use a digital camera to teach in your homeschool.  Even if you don't homeschool, all adults and children can use digital cameras to capture memories to teach others on any given subject, including family history, for example.  I hope you will give it a try, if you haven't already.  Photography can provide a different dimension to learning for your children.
How about you, my readers?  Do you own a digital camera?  Do you let your children use it?  I encourage you to use a digital camera to create opportunities to provide visual aids in your teaching.  Photography, in itself, can be quite fun, too!

I pray that God gives you all, my beloveds, His wisdom and peace.

This has been an entry for the Technology Tuesdays series.


  1. What would I do without my digital camera? We use it DAILY in our homeschool. In my ABC post today you can hear my little guy narrating his lap books for the video camera! Great post!

  2. Musicalmary,

    Thanks for visiting.

    That's cool that you use digital cameras for videos.

    Rebecca G.

  3. YES We have a Nikon something or is a bit bulky...but I let the kids use it often for their 'handi-craft' of photography. And of course I use it for blogging....and they use it for

  4. Katey,

    Thanks for the comment. I appreciate it.

    I laughed when I read about the blackmail. My kids try to get out of a photo so many times, you will just see hands and bodies but no face. LOL


  5. What a great use of photography! Thank you so much for sharing!

  6. Becky,

    Thanks for visiting. I love sharing.

    Rebecca G.

  7. I agree!! Though I am not a professional photographer (i.e. expensive camera), but little bitty digital camera does the job good. I love taking photos of my family and our experiences...

    I have also been reading up with doing/starting a portfolio for my DS and the main key is photos/video clips and a little bit of writing. They want to see photos and videos.

    In this digital age, my boys can put their portfolio on a jump drive and go! :)

  8. Jessica,

    Thanks for visiting. I have had so much fun taking pictures with the Canon camera I now have. It takes better pictures than any other one. I love that you don't have to wait to develop pictures. That's the best part. You get pictures instantly and can download them onto your computer and/or a blog.

    I'm able to put pictures with what I am trying to convey. It's so much fun.

    Rebecca G.


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