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Friday, May 27, 2011

Cleaning Challenge Update Fourth Week--Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Homemakers Challenge - 31 Days to Clean

Update on the 31 Days to Clean Challenge: Days 16-20

One of the targets for this week--bedroom shelves
Day 16

I'm falling behind.  I'm upset that my writing course has been extended.  I did not expect it.  I am ready for the course to end.  Want to move forward, but I know that I am still have some learning to do.  

Iris has been teaching Kaelyn how to sweep.  

I asked the kids to sweep their rooms.  I have often asked the kids to pick up the slack because I suffer with pain.  My sickness often leads to laziness.  I have to pace myself with the illness because the stress causes inflammation.  The inflammation leads to pain.  I am now eating anti-inflammatory foods which are helping to squash the pain.  Yes!

Blogging is taking a lot of my time.  I'm better at writing.  I might have to take some time off, though.  Perhaps it can coincide with the kids' time off. 

Day 17

11 year-old's bookcase--he needs direction
I asked the kids to dust their books and declutter their bookcases.  Have they done it?  I don't think so...

Under the DISC personality quiz, I scored as the cautious type.  I'm calculating, contemplative, and careful.  I like for things to make sense, and I need to understand the reasons behind situations.  I tend to focus on making things "right" and follow some sort of routine.  My weakness is taking too much time to make decisions.

I think it helps me understand that I calculate how to delegate chores.  I contemplate how much to assign.  I am careful not to burden my kids with too much to do.  I have been indecisive as to giving them more detailed instructions because I'm afraid the kids will revolt.

Day 18

For today, I was supposed to clean out our closets, but we had already done that in March.  I did work on my closet problem more recently.

Sampling of clutter from our closets--March
Problem in my closet--clothes too tight
Closeup of shoe rack taking space
Opposite door is bare
Over-door rack for shoes at Walmart
Clothes breathing; caps now in utility room
Unpainted wall, yes
Twin flat sheet to hide closet

I had to write out a tentative schedule:

Wake up
Work on Writing
Browse Internet

Day 19 

I had to do a Bible study on the words joy and self-discipline.  It is too detailed to post it here.  I will post it on Sunday.  I did jot down a few Bible verses, but I want to give the study a good treatment.

Had already cleaned out expired medications and toiletries.  Had updated my first aid kit to take to our trip.  I cleaned out my old cosmetics, too.  Well, I kept a few items.  I don't wear too much makeup so I am holding on to the minimum.

Following are before and after pictures of my decluttering:

Messy medicine shelf
Closeup of medicines
Bag containing summer medications
Expiration dates to weed out
Result of messiness--too many band aids
Walmart bag full of old toiletries and medications
Medications organized in bigger basket
Medicine bag on the go
Basket on shelf; travel toiletries and summer meds. on side
Messy shelf for vitamins and supplements
Difficult to see labels of vitamins and supplements
Rack borrowed from elsewhere for vitamins and supplements
Container for toiletries in master bathroom
First drawer of toiletries in master bathroom
Second drawer for toiletries in master bathroom

Day 20

Had to clean bathroom mirrors, windows, and walls.  Used mint-scented Method glass cleaner for the window and mirrors.  Need to dust.

Also, need to assess how I spend my time.  I have to do it honestly to figure out where I am wasting time.  I know that I spend too much time on the internet and watching TV again.  I need to do things in moderation.

Like I said before, I am not gonna stress if I didn't get to everything.  I'm about 60-70% of optimum health.  I am feeling a lot better, and I am working on my diet, weeding out the junkfood.  This cleaning challenge has covered many areas of my life, not just the house situation.  I am very grateful for this opportunity to improve the quality of life for my family.

Well, thanks for reading this update 
and viewing the pictures. 

I hope this entry has inspired you to clean your homes.

How about you, my readers?  Have you deep cleaned your bedrooms?  Have you weeded out expired medications and old cosmetics?  Are you wanting to deep clean, but you don't know where to get started?  The link above leads to an ebook which can be helpful in prioritizing and breaking down the cleaning.  I encourage you to click on the link if you need more help.

May God bless you all with His wisdom and peace.

This entry has been part of the Family Fun Fridays series.


  1. LOVE the before and after pictures! Great job!! I have not done any deep-cleaning this week ~ partly because some of the things I'd done just two weeks ago and partly because my yardwork is just taking over EVERYTHING!

  2. Melissa,

    Thanks. I appreciate it.

    Rebecca G.

  3. LaughingLady,

    Thanks. I have a lot to go. I have to hit my storage shed soon. ;)

    Rebecca G.

  4. You're doing so great, don't get discouraged!!! Keep it up. And there's nothing wrong with having the kids do their part. Mine are too little to really do much, but they have helped me with sorting and moving things from place to place, so it's something!

  5. Jade,

    Thanks so much for the encouragement. I took a nap today and feel refreshed. I am hoping to really get into a good schedule during the summer. My kids really need me to be present. The challenge has been helping me address many situations, including my health.

    Yes, even if the kids are very young, they can still learn the basics of sorting and cleaning. You'll be glad later that you took the time and patience to teach it. ;)

    God bless,

    Rebecca G.

  6. It looks to me like you are doing great! I will admit that I am a bit envious that you manage to get all of your before and after pics. ;) I am terrible about it. lol!! Our boys are old enough to pitch in and they have been pretty big helpers. Kudos!

  7. Danica,

    Thanks for commenting. I really do appreciate it.

    I am taking the before and after pictures to show myself that I am making a dent in the cleaning process.

    I also want to encourage others, like you, to do the same. If I can do it, others can, too.

    I am also recording my progress to show my kids, like in a scrapbook, so that they can someday do the same for their own homes.

    I will be honest, I haven't done the mopping part for the rooms. That is one of my least favorite things, right next to cleaning windows. I might ask my daughter to use the Swiffer wet sheets to spot mop here and there.

    Rebecca G.

  8. Wow!! Look at you - all organized and on the ball! Good job!!!! :)

    I need to get my laundry in order, seasonal and size and what needs to go, etc. It's such a big job, and I keep putting it off. *sigh* Baby steps. A little here a little there.
    Joyful Mothering

  9. Christin,

    Thanks so much for your comments.

    To others I seem organized, but to me, I am not so organized.

    I have been getting sick a lot so my kids are the ones who clean mostly. I just manage the house. When I feel better, I get up and see what needs doing.

    I am loving this challenge. I get to attack areas that I have neglected.

    Rebecca G.


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