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Monday, May 16, 2011

Homeschool Organization 4: Blocks to Construct

Megabloks in use

Over the years, we have bought and sold a few collections.  The collections that I have organized and kept are those that are visited by everyone, including me.  I enjoy building things with my kids.  Sometimes, I go so far as to hog up all of one color of Legos.  Does that make me a bad mother?

Megabloks stacked to fit in a box.

I wanted to keep all of the Megabloks in one container.  We had to stack them together.  It was impossible to keep them in that Office Depot box any longer.  I had to make a decision.  I wanted the kids to have freedom to use the toys.

We acquired more Megabloks.

Our neighbors gave my youngest some more Megabloks.  I was very grateful.  I knew she would be so happy.  She started playing with them right away.  It didn't matter if she played on my bed.

We moved the Megabloks into this bigger, plastic container.

The Megabloks fit much better in this plastic container.  I shopped in my home again.  I had been using that plastic box to house my out of season curtains and sheets.  Since I moved the linens into another location, this box had been freed up.

Closeup reveals a few Megabloks in the container.

Not all of the Megabloks are in the container.  Some are currently in my son's room out in the open.  I think he constructed a mobile home and used up a lot of Megabloks.  This trusty plastic container is waiting patiently to house the pieces once he's done using them.  I like that my youngest ones dug right in and started playing with the Megabloks when I showed them the containerful (yes, that's a word) of Megabloks.

Legos are in blue container and some shoe boxes, too.

Legos are a family favorite, especially mine.  I can actually lose track of time if I start playing with Legos.  In the entertainment center, I have a large blue box that holds red, white, and blue pieces for building houses.  We also have a few of those see-through plastic shoe boxes that contain brown and green pieces.  In another shoebox are other pieces, probably purple and pink pieces.  (Can't check right now; it's the middle of the night and don't want to wake my teenage son.)

Here are some more Legos, by color.

As you can see, I also have some Legos joined together by type and color.  Yellow and orange go together and the black ones are for making cars.  We occasionally have some of our creations on display.  You can see the red, blue and white house.  There is also a pumpkin face on top of it.

We even have wooden blocks in a separate container.

In the entertainment center (pictured above), I have the Lincoln logs way at the top.  I also have some medium size blocks that are plastic.  I'm not sure if they are made by Megabloks.  They are in a see-through box, just like the size of the one for the wooden blocks.  My kids play with all of these different collections.

Well, I have shown here some ideas on how to organize different types of blocks within a homeschool.  Yes, the collections are in different sizes, colors, and shapes of containers.  Since I am on a limited budget, I have had to shop in my own home for the best containers. 

I haven't forgotten the other items that I want to show.  Stay tuned to see how I organize such things as DVDs, audio cassettes, and the Wii games.  When toys are organized, children will want to play with their toys, constructing and using their imagination.

Thanks for reading this blog entry.

How about you, my readers?  How do you organize your blocks?  Do you own Lincoln logs?  Do you own K'NEX toys?  I encourage you to evaluate if you have the right containers to hold your block and/or construction collections.  The collections might need to be moved into new, bigger, and/or sturdier containers.

I pray that God bless you all, my dear readers, with His wisdom and peace.

This has been an entry for Thorough Thursdays

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