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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Homeschool Organization 5: CDs, Videos, & Wii

This is a before picture of container for Wii.

Since I have a tiny living room, I constantly have to move things around.  I had been feeling that this dark rolling cart was too big and overpowering for the room.  I decided to go for something white and transparent.  That's why, when I received a $25 Target gift card that I won, I bought the following rolling cart.  As you can see it fits snugly beside this large television.

This is an after picture of container for Wii.

This is a closeup picture of Wii Container.

The top drawer holds remotes for Wii.

Remotes for both the Wii and Gamecube gaming systems are held in this drawer.

The next drawer holds Wii games.

This drawer is also holding Gamecube games that work in the Wii.

Last drawer holds misc. items for Wii.

The brown rolling cart did not have as many drawers.  The plastic rolling cart has been working well for us.

Wii can be rolled around.

We move the Wii between the living room, where my kids use it, and my bedroom, where hubby and I see movies on Netflix.  At this time, we cannot afford a BluRay disc player (which would allow us to see movies on Netflix) for our room.  We opted to move the Wii back and forth.  That's why I needed something with wheels to hold the Wii gaming system.  Either way, I think the plastic rolling cart was a wise investment because I can always use it for something else, if we decide to leave the Wii in the living room permanently.

Educational computer software also needs organizing.

We use two CD holders for computer software.

The above picture features how I solved the CD problem.  The holders condense the space taken up by the CDs.  The CDs often ended up in the wrong jewel case.  Many of you will sympathize with that.  Now, I wish the kids would put the CDs in the sleeves; then, I would be happy.

CD games are inside the brown holder.

My teen owns a fair amount of computer games.  Those are separate from the educational software that is pictured below.  

Educational software is in the black holder.

My youngest can take this holder to her computer.  The software for her age is at the beginning of the "pages."

File cabinet drawer holds CD cases.

Currently, the cumbersome jewel cases for the CDs are held in a drawer of a filing cabinet.  I have kept the jewel cases with instruction manuals.  I might sell the software in the future.  The software sells better if it is complete with the jewel case and manuals.  I can always use the money to buy new software.

Blue holder has Educational audio CDs.

This smaller CD holder is for us to take educational DVDs and audio CDs with us in the car.  Again, the holder reduces the space taken up.  You know that when going on a trip, you are often pressed for space.  This way, you can tuck the collection in a bag, without worrying that the CDs and DVDs will end up all over the place, possibly breaking.

Blue CD holder has some of our educational DVDs.

Well, I have shown here some ideas on how to organize different collections of educational video games, DVDs, and computer software within the homeschool environment.  Yes, the collections are in different sizes, colors, and shapes of containers.  Since I am on a limited budget, I have had to shop in my own home for the best containers. 

Thanks for reading this blog entry.

How about you, my readers?  How do you organize your video games?  How about your computer software?  Do you own music CDs?  I encourage you to evaluate if you have the right containers to hold your music and video collections.  The collections might need to be moved into different containers.

I pray that God bless you all, my dear readers, with His wisdom and peace.

This has been an entry for Thorough Thursdays

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