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Friday, July 22, 2011

No Takeout Challenge Update #3

Goldfish--a family favorite

We are chugging along in our No Takeout Challenge.  It hasn't been easy.  I've been craving brisket and potato salad from Bill Miller's.  I will have to buy some brisket and place it in the slow cooker.  I've heard one can also make barbacoa with brisket; I could make several meals with such a large portion of meat. 

Baggies labeled for reuse

Our portioning out of snacks is working greatly.  The snacks are lasting longer.  I still have one of two boxes of Goldfish in my cabinet.  Of course, the cabinet is in my room!  I have been holding onto snacks in my room for a few years so my kids won't overeat them.

Last night, I put beans in the slow cooker.  I then made some flour tortillas this morning.  I wanted these two ingredients for some good meals over the weekend.  I can make refried bean tacos.  We can also make potato and egg tacos.

I can't make tortillas all the time.  Hubby asked me to make the tortillas for the weekend; the tortillas are too fattening.  I just wanted to change things up a bit as I have been craving tacos.  I know that making the tortillas is labor intensive.  I do think, though, that my arms get some good exercise.

We keep running out of milk.  We already buy 3 to 4 gallons.  That isn't enough.  I'm gonna have to buy the powdered milk again.  It worked in the past, but it takes time to make.

Lastly, I hope to create a unit study about cooking and health.  I have some notes that I had written up months ago.  It might be time for me to put it together.  It would be fun to start the new "school year" this August with a family fun-packed study about how to put a nutritious meal together.  It goes without saying that I would love to share it with you, my dear readers.

Thanks for reading this update.  I appreciate all your tips and prayers.  I hope to share more tips next week to aid others in this challenge of going without takeout.  Stay tuned!

I've accepted this no-takeout challenge, which began Friday, July 1st to December 31st.  It is not easy, but I know it is worth it.  I want the many benefits that can come from not eating out.  If you want to know more about this challenge, you can visit the SIX Month Money Challenge Facebook page.  If you would like to join, please "like" the page and join the yahoo group that accompanies it, as well.

How about you, my readers?  How often do you buy takeout?  Have you ever tried not buying takeout?  What's the longest you've gone without takeout?  I encourage you to see how you can cut out takeout.  I think it's worth a try.  The benefits are endless.
May God bless you all with His wisdom and peace.

This entry has been part of the Family Fun Fridays series.

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