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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

N is for Netflix Educational Videos

I'm currently participating in 
an ABC's for homeschooling challenge.  
Since it falls on Tuesdays, 
I am adding a technological slant to the challenge.  
I hope you stay tuned and enjoy my entries.
Stream educational videos through a computer.
Out of so many things I enjoy in life, watching movies is at the top.  When I am stressed,  I like to wind down with a good movie.  Sometimes, I like to watch documentaries.  Sometimes, a romantic comedy does it for me.  No matter what the mood, I can often find a movie that will make me feel better.
Netflix offers movies of all sorts.  I love this service.  There is no one- or two-year contract.  You pay per month.  You can stream the movies online or rent physical DVDs that come to your house through snail mail.  

There is a wide variety of movies available.  I like that you can save movies in a queue.  I have about 300 movies saved in my queue.  There are several ways you can watch the movies.  You can view the movies through the internet via the computer, a Blue Ray DVD player, Roku or even the Wii.  

My youngest enjoys watching Blue's Clues on Netflix.

My six year-old likes watching shows like Blue's Clues, Leap Frog: Letter Factory, and Cyberchase (a show from PBS).  I love these series.  They are educational.  They are available through Netflix.  They are easy to access through the internet.

Thanks for reading this entry.  I hope I've provided a different way to teach your children with the use of Netflix.  This websites provide a visual way to learn ABCs and 123s.  Documentaries of all sorts are also available, such as for the Middle Ages and World War II.  There is one caveat: Rates for Netflix are changing so be on the look out; it's still cheaper than cable.
Next week, I will be covering the letter O.  Stay tuned!

How about you, my readers?  Do you have a subscription to Netflix?  Would you use Netflix videos to teach your children?  I believe in using educational videos to teach children the topics they need to learn, especially the beginning concepts like those in Blue's Clues.  I encourage you to expose your children to education through technology.

I pray that God gives you all, my beloveds, His wisdom and peace.

This has been an entry for the Technology Tuesdays series.



  1. I was so excited yesterday when my kids decided to watch Word World over less educational shows on Netflix.

    We don't really get that many disks anymore. We might go to just streaming which is cheaper in the long run.

  2. Head Ant,

    Thanks for your comment.

    I think I'm gonna do the same thing. It's funny that this is what I would be discussing for the day when the notice went out about the fees going up for Netflix.

    Too many people are complaining. Let's just go with the streaming and use Redbox for the new movies.

    Rebecca G.

  3. We use it for a lot of shows with educational value (like cyberchase and word world) but also for the documentaries! There are so many! And not all that boring either. Plenty about ancient rome, egypt, greece and also documentaries about cats, dogs, other animals, national parks,... all kinds of interesting things. Fun!

  4. Amber,

    I liked all the National Geographic type documentaries.

    Thanks for your comment.

    Rebecca G.

  5. Great post! We are cancelling our cable and getting a Roku box in October I cannot wait!

  6. Kathy,

    That's awesome. I hope the Roku works for you.



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