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Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Fourth of July Jell-o

Red, white, and blue dessert is for 4th of July.

I know that I'm regularly scheduled to talk about something medical, but I thought I'd post this for today, in honor of the fourth of July.  It's a simple recipe that I thought up in commemoration of our freedom.  It's a recipe with red, white, and blue stripes.

The colors of the flag carry some significance.  According to, white is for innocence, red is for bravery, and blue is for perseverance.

Hubby surprised me with the ready to use Jell-o.

Simple ingredients and tools:

4 Red Jell-o boxes
4 Blue Jell-o boxes
Large tub of Cool Whip
One large bowl
See-through short cups

I woke up to the surprise of hubby having made the Jell-o for me.  I had told him my plans of pouring the blue Jell-o mix into the cups.  I would then make the red Jell-o in a big bowl.  I only had to put the ingredients together.  Hubby had bought four boxes of each color--blue and red.  The Cool Whip would be standing for the white, of course.

Cool Whip needed to harden.
The cool whip was a little difficult to place into the narrow cup.  I had asked hubby to buy me smaller, wider clear cups, but he couldn't find them.  I had to let the Cool Whip soften in order to spoon it into the cups.  That made the Cool Whip too watery so I had to place the cups in the freezer.

Cool Whip hardened allowing red Jell-o to sit on top.
Once the Cool Whip hardened, I took the cups out of the freezer.  Then, I was able to spoon in the red Jell-o.  The freezing of the Cool Whip allowed the red to sit on top of it without allowing the red to slip through it.  You can see the wonderful result below.

This is a nice array of red, white, and blue.
The end result is this beautiful scenery of red, white, and blue--just like our flag bears.

I'm happy if my kids are happy.

Happy campers eating up the red, white, and blue.
Well, thanks for reading this simple recipe, which celebrates 4th of July.  I hope you enjoyed it.  I was happy when the kids enjoyed themselves, eating this low calorie dessert.

God bless you all, military and civilian alike, in this fourth of July.

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