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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Homeschool Desks--Where the Learning Happens

My desk has a nearby cabinet and laptop table.

We own lots of tables and desks.

If anyone were to come to my house, he/she would be astounded at how many desks and tables we own.  I have all sorts for all kinds of reasons and purposes.  I have wooden ones.  I have metal ones.  I even have some that fold.

This is the front of my desk, which I bought at Goodwill.
At this time, I am using this desk to plan our homeschooling and household.  I might change things up soon.  I am constantly moving things around until I see efficiency take shape.  My oldest son used this desk for a while.  I might take back an old wooden table that's in his room and give him back this desk; I think he needs it.

Currently, oldest son does his work here.

My oldest son does his schoolwork on this dining table.  We placed a wooden table in his room, but he didn't like it.  I know he likes to spread out.  What I don't like is that we have to rush after dinner at times.  Also, the table doesn't get cleaned properly; I'm afraid his work could get ruined with spilled food.

Oldest son holds his work on right sides of two shelves.

Around 7 or 8 p.m., my oldest son brings his work to the dining table.  He brings them from the shelves in his room.  He actually does his schoolwork a day ahead.  He does that so he can have the early part of the next day to play on his computer.  Don't worry; he still does his chores.

Hubby and youngest use this computer desk.
Youngest daughter uses this computer desk.

In the dining area, my husband and youngest daughter use the same computer.  During the day, while Daddy is at work, my youngest visits websites like and  In the evening, my husband comes home to check the bank against his register.  He also visits for items he is interested in.

My daughters do their work here in their bedroom.

Both of these tables are adjustable.  Older daughter does work on the left table.  My youngest does her work on the right.  Previously, older one was sitting on her bed, but we removed the bunk beds.  I brought in the chair. 

I shifted the girls away from sitting on their bed because of their backs.  I noticed they were slouching too much.  Also, having removed the bunk beds has offered more lighting for their schoolwork.  The youngest one had also started doing her work on the bed and wanted to nip that in the bud.

When oldest is done with her work, she boxes it away.  From another box, she pulls out her Net book and tablet and places them on the green blue table. 

This was my younger son's previous desk.
This is currently younger son's "desk" in his room.

I decided to let my younger son have one of my folding tables as his "desk."  This is one of the tables that has had many uses, including for yard sale displays and as the guest's table.  I realized that the previous desk was too narrow.  We still have that table in my storage shed; don't know what I'll do with it.  We had bought it from another homeschool family.

It became obvious that my younger son needed to do his work at his own time and in his own space.  He can be highly distracted with too much stimuli.  Sometimes, he does his work ahead of time, too.  There are times when he's needed help; he's come to me and ended up doing some work on my bed.  That has become more rare as he has matured.

There is no right or wrong place to school within the home.

Well, I've blogged in bits and pieces about this topic before.  I just wanted to take the time to show where all of our children are learning.  Their spaces are tailored to their needs.  I wanted to compile it to show others who are struggling with whether they have the right spaces for their own  homeschooling families.  Realistically, every family should come up with what works for them.

Thanks so much for reading this entry about where my children are doing their learning.  I appreciate you stopping by my blog.

How about you, my readers?  For those of you who homeschool, where do your children learn?  Do your children school in one place?  Or are they scattered like mine?  Over the years, we have migrated from the dining table to other locations, including my bed, due to my illness or pregnancy.  The whole world, really, is our table.  Let's remember that, too.

I pray that God helps us homeschoolers to find the right locations for our children to learn.  May God bless us all with His wisdom and peace, as we teach our children.

This has been an entry for Thorough Thursdays.  Hope you liked it.

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