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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Easy Slow-Cooked Pinto Beans

I cook pinto beans in a slow cooker.

As you can see from the picture above, I am not blogging about yet another pie.  I had used almond milk in my lemon pudding, and it did not work.  That's why I decided to write about how I make pinto beans.  I used to make them on the stove at times, but I burned them one too many times.  I turned to using the slow cooker (crock pot).

Raw pinto beans are stored in air tight container.
I sort beans by hand, not spread out on a dish.
These are samples of my rejects.

I've researched online and have never see pictures of beans that are rejected.  Above and below are samples of my rejects.

Shriveled, crushed beans are rejected.
I sort beans until I come up with about two cups.
I don't throw away the bad beans; I keep them.

I keep the bad beans in case the kids want to make some arts and crafts like bean bags or maracas.  I read on the internet that they can go in the compost.  I fear my compost bin would sprout bean plants. Tee hee hee!

After sorting, I poure beans and water in a tall bowl.

I poured 6 cups of water in with the beans in a large bowl.  I did not always soak my beans.  Now, I soak them for at least an hour; some people soak them longer.  I soak the beans because they now come dirtier than ever.  I heard that it helps dissipate the gassiness of the beans, but I haven't noticed a change.

I cover soaking beans so no dust and/or insects fly inside bowl.
After an hour, I drain out the dirty water.
I rinse the beans before putting them in the crock pot.

I pour about six cups of water in crock pot.
I make sure to plug in crock pot.

Yes, I have forgotten to plug in the crock pot.  I'm not the only one.  Some of my dear friends have done the same thing.  That's why I try to be merciful to other cooks who make similar mistakes.

I set my crock pot so beans will cook slowly.

I usually cook my beans overnight while I am here in the house.  I don't believe in leaving the house with any small appliance on.  With this method, it usually takes about ten hours for the beans to cook.

I sometimes cook the beans faster.

Sometimes, I will set the beans to cook from the morning.  This method takes about five hours.  Regardless of what method is chosen, I usually check (or hubby does in the morning) to see if the beans need more water.  Beans expand, soaking up the water.

Tip: Spots on beans means they aren't finished cooking.

Beans without spots are ready for a few dashes of salt.

At this point, when beans have lost their spots, a cook can add many ingredients.  Salt is the very basic ingredient.  Next week, I hope to post about recipes using pinto beans with lots more ingredients.  I'll let you know how it turns out.  Stay tuned!

Well, thanks for viewing the pictures and 
reading about how to cook pinto beans.
I hope you enjoyed this entry as much 
as I did in compiling it.
What about you, my readers? Have you ever made pinto beans? Do you cook them over a stove?  Or do you use a slow cooker?  I hope you make them regularly, like I do.  They are nutritious and cheap to make.

My beloveds, may God bless you with His peace and wisdom.

This has been an entry for Saturday Spreads. I hope you enjoyed it!

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