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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

W is for Wii Fit Plus

I'm currently participating in 
an ABC's for homeschooling challenge.  
Since it falls on Tuesdays, 
I am adding a technological slant to the challenge.  
I hope you stay tuned and enjoy my entries.

Wii Fit Plus

In other post(s), I've discussed how I used the Wii Fit from Nintendo to lose weight.  Today, I want to show how my kids use it.

I love Wii Fit Plus.  It is a fun way to exercise.  The kids love to watch each other play.  It is better than comparing each other.  They get to challenge their past goals.

Oldest child on balance board
Wii Fit for checking balance
Wii Fit showing which side of board to step
Wii Fit giving body age
Wii Fit Plus mental test

Wii Fit Plus has the added advantage of testing your mental abilities.  I can't think as fast as my son, but he usually does a wonderful job.
Younger son holding Wii remote
Wii Fit Plus checking BMI
Younger son's age

My younger son always scores higher than his age.  Perhaps it's because he has the wiggles; after all, he is my hyper child.  My kids get to see if their weight is on target with the BMI calculator.  Sometimes, they figure they need to eat a little more.  Of course, I have to eat less and exercise more to get on the right track.

Wii Fit showing person's center of balance
Older daughter on Wii Fit balance board

The Wii Fit Plus is a welcome addition to our home school.  It helps us have fun while playing it.  It is entertaining and healthy.  It helps us monitor our progress as it saves our scores and tests.  In fact, Wii Fit helped me lose the thirty pounds I lost a while back.
Well, thanks for viewing this blog entry about Wii Fit Plus and how I have used it as informal PE in our home school.

Next week, I hope to cover the letter Y.  
Please stay tuned!

How about you, my readers?  Do your own Wii Fit or Wii Fit Plus?  If so, do you allow your children to play it?  I think it's a wonderful way to incorporate physical education in the home school.  I believe in finding technological tools to help in the home school. 

I pray that God gives you all, my beloveds, His wisdom and peace.
This has been an entry for the Technology Tuesdays series.

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