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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Posters As Learning Aids

First grader's posters for new year

Okay, I went a little poster crazy.  I don't mean that I have posted everywhere on the world wide web.  Rather, I've put up posters within my house.  This past Sunday, my hubby decided to put up a bunch of pictures and other things on our walls.  That helped take some things off of our floors.

That encouraged me to place educational posters in the kids' rooms.  When I had a classroom, my walls were filled to the brim.  I still remember my nephew once telling me that it was very distracting to him.  Then again, he was diagnosed as having Attention Deficit Disorder.  I worried that I would go overboard for my kids, too.

Among Kaelyn's posters are: 

--Consonant Blends


--What begins with each alphabet

--Printing the alphabet

--Numbers from 1-100


Feelings poster

I decided to put this one up so my first grader can learn to express herself more effectively.  I wanted to give her a way to tell us when she is frustrated.  With this poster, she can let us know how she is feeling at any given time.  My hope is that she will be able to communicate to us, in a concrete manner, when we need to address how she feels, throughout her new school year.

Writing corner

I decided to create a writing corner for my teen daughter.  She is into writing although her thoughts get a little jumbled together.  That's why I wanted her to have these posters to refer to when writing.  The posters deal with the writing process, parts of a story, parts of speech, and an editor's checklist.

Hallway posters

I mounted some posters in the hallway.  Yes, I know, my whole house is a classroom.  I love words on my walls!  The posters above are for Study Habits and Things To Do when bored.

Parts of speech poster

I even put a poster behind my son's bedroom door.  This one is for the Parts of Speech.  He chose that one for his room.

C-SPAN's American Presidents Timeline

Weeks ago, we received this free poster, C-SPAN's American Presidents Timeline, through snail mail.  My younger son's room had the widest wall for this poster.  My son relished the idea of it being in his room.  He liked that it included our current president, Mr. Obama.

Science and history posters

I think my son's room is the history poster room.  Maps are on this wall.  He also has the multiplication and division charts on another wall (not pictured).

Oldest son's room

My oldest son is now in what used to be my classroom.  I never took down the set that includes the 5 W's for writing top stories, but he doesn't mind.  I also have the multiplication and punctuation posters there.  I do want to find a regular page size poster about contractions because that is one of his weaknesses.  He often misuses contractions in his comics, and I want to help him overcome it.

Well, thanks for reading this entry about the posters I am using for my children.  I hope I've given you an idea of visual learning aids which could be used in the home school.

How about you, my readers?  Are you using posters as educational aids?  Have you used any posters for your children to refer to in their learning environment?  It's fun to find various teaching aids.  It gives our children a chance to learn from different sources.
I pray that God helps us all, whether we are homeschooling or not.  May God bless us all with His wisdom and peace, as we teach our children.

This has been an entry for Thorough Thursdays.  Hope you liked it.

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