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Friday, September 23, 2011

Organizing the Kitchen/Dining With Containers

Cardboard drink holder

Last Friday, I wrote about Organizing the Bathroom With Food Containers.  This Friday, I want to show I have organized a few things with food jars and other containers.  In the picture above, I have a cardboard drink holder from a restaurant takeout trip.  I used two large cups, one to hold straws and another one to hold forks and spoons.  It has a handle for ease of moving to and from the dining table.

Below, I have a nifty napkin holder.  Of course, we could use it for holding paper napkins, but why?  I have two salt shakers, one for each side of the dining table, as well as two toothpick holders.  It's easier to hold all of these four items in the napkin holder. 

Napkin holder

Below, you can see two containers of Nesquik Chocolate-flavored powder.  One has been emptied of the powder and its label removed.  I love these containers.  I've used one for birthday candles.  This time, I have used one for pre-packaged spices for different meals.

Containers of Nesquik chocolate powder
Nesquik container reused

Below is a tall plastic container that we were given years ago.  It used to hold some granola bars.  I knew right away when I saw this container that it would be worth more than the snacks it held.  Well, it now holds cup cake paper cups, food dye, and other small baking products.

Front of snack plastic container
Back of snack plastic container

Finally, here is a plastic Folgers container.  I love these because they are very sturdy and versatile.  The label can be removed and with a permanent marker one can help relabel it.  Below, I am using it for uncookable pinto beans.  I'm saving the beans for a future craft project.

Plastic Folgers container
Folgers container holding pinto beans

As you can see, containers of all sorts can be reused.  Nesquik and Folgers container, and even drink holders, can be used in different ways.  Food, baking, and eating utensils can find new containers.  Unconventional containers can hold new things.  I would think that the small Folgers container can hold sugar for a trip, and the napkin holder can still hold a small amount of paper napkins.

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How about it, my readers?  Have you organized anything in your kitchen and/or dining room lately?  Would you consider using plastic food jars or other unconventional containers?  Right now is the perfect opportunity to do your fall cleaning.  I hope you would find time to change things up for the fall season. 

May God bless you all with His wisdom and peace.

This entry is part of the Family Fun Fridays series.

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