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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Teaching About Money

Kaelyn, my 1st grader, enjoyed her shopping.

Kaelyn was looking forward to shopping.

A few days ago, I asked my youngest if she wanted to play store.  She was so excited that she told her oldest brother about it.  I felt so bad the next day because I was under the weather.  Yes, I go through that a lot.  I still decided to go through with it by asking her to bring her toy food into my bedroom.

I loved watching Kaelyn shop and purchase.

The toys ended up on my bed.  I crocheted while she shopped.  Once she had finished choosing her foods, I tallied it up on the white cash register or yellow calculator.  Then, I asked her to pay with the fake money which we had purchased with a cheap cash register tray. 

We used the scanner on the white cash register.
Play money was fun and great hands on learning.
A handy calculator added up some of the purchases.
Priced crayons provided direct experience of purchasing.

My daughter is still learning about what each coin represents.  Years ago, I had made the manilla folder, pictured below, for my oldest (who is now 15 years-old).  I want my youngest child to enjoy learning about money.  I also like making teaching material for my kids to learn concepts like money.  That's why I made the following available to her during her shopping experience:

Manilla folder with money worksheets aided the learning.
Worksheet about money can be found at Enchanted Learning.
It's easy to put together a manilla folder like the one above.  You can find worksheets (and cut and paste bits) that reflect the math facts and/or other subject which are desired.  Enchanted Learning is a wonderful website with lots of useful worksheets.  That's a website that features many subjects and even a paid membership.  Many of the worksheets are free, though.
Well, thanks for reading this entry about teaching money.  I hope I've given you another idea for teaching money, one of the first math concepts for the elementary grades.

How about you, my readers?  How have you taught your children about money?  Have you ever considered using fake money and mini-posters to teach early childhood learning concepts?  Your children can benefit from using a hands on method to learn.

May God bless us all with His wisdom and peace, as we teach your children.

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