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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

V is for Virtual Field Trips

I'm currently participating in 
an ABC's for homeschooling challenge.  
Since it falls on Tuesdays, 
I am adding a technological slant to the challenge.  
I hope you stay tuned and enjoy my entries.

Colonial life website

I am very interested in the Colonial period of our American history.  It fascinates me that people came over here from England in large ships.  I love to see, read, and hear about how the people lived through the hardships of getting here and living here.  The survival skills needed to shelter, grow crops, and interact with one another was essential. 

I would love to visit the buildings where the colonists lived, but I can't.  The next best thing is to visit via a website.  Wikipedia explains that a virtual field trip is "a guided exploration...through the world wide web..."  Upon my research, I found the perfect website at Colonial life.  

Of course, I found a few other virtual field trips that interested me:

*Grand Canyon 1

*Grand Canyon 2

*Anne Frank's home


In my research I found some compilations of field trips; here they are:

I'm excited about the thought of visiting some of these places with the help of the internet.  I hope the compilations help you, my readers.  By recording them here, I'll have them available for later use.  Thanks for reading this entry about using virtual field trips in the home school.  

Next week, I will be covering the letter W.  
Please stay tuned!

How about you, my readers?  Do your ever go on virtual field trips in your home schools?  Have you considered using virtual field trips for your to hold home school?  If so, which websites have you visited?  I believe in finding technological tools to help in the home school.  I encourage you to consider using virtual field trips  to teach your children.

I pray that God gives you all, my beloveds, His wisdom and peace.
This has been an entry for the Technology Tuesdays series.

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