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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Wheat Chicken Wraps

Wheat chicken wrap

Wraps are fun to make.  You can add or subtract anything.  I like adding healthy ingredients.  Of course, I love to add a liquid ingredient, which isn't necessarily healthy for me--ranch dressing.

This is another one of those simple recipes that I saw on ABC's The Chew.  I made two of these and ate them up, without feeling guilty.  They were healthy and delicious...and who doesn't like simple?!

Ingredients for wheat chicken wraps

Here are the ingredients for wheat chicken wraps:

--Large wheat (or flour) tortillas

--Diced tomatoes

--Spinach leaves

--Ranch dressing

--Cooked and diced chicken breast

Ingredients inside wrap

To make this wheat chicken wrap, all one needs to do is throw the ingredients--chicken, spinach, tomatoes, and ranch dressing--onto the tortilla, in no particular order

It's the wrapping that is more of a challenge.  Carefully roll up the tortilla more loosely and wider than for the pinwheels I made earlier.  Then, just use some of the ranch dressing as glue for the one end that gets turned up.  The result is that some of the enticing ingredients stick out of the wrap from the other end.

Wheat wraps can vary.  Ingredients like other meats, veggies, and salad dressings can be used.  I'll be making some more in the future.  I look forward to making different kinds.  Carrots and Thousand Island dressing might be a welcome change. 

Well, thanks for reading about how to make  
wheat chicken wraps

I hope you enjoyed this blog entry as much as I enjoyed writing it.
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What about you, my readers? Do you like to make unusual snacks? What would you add to or subtract from these chicken wraps?  Chicken wraps are versatile.  Try some and you'll love them, too.

May God bless you with His peace and wisdom, my beloveds.

This has been an entry for Saturday Spreads. I hope you enjoyed it!

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