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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Teaching About Money With Technology

Play money

In September, I made an entry, Teaching About Money.  In it, I explained that we have used worksheets and toys to teach about money.  Today, I want to offer a few websites that teach about money.  I thought it would be a cool idea to compile a list of online games that test children on the concept of money.  Games can be an entertaining way of reinforcing math concepts.

Some of these websites offer a list of free online games that reinforce the concept of money:



Home School Math (has some stuff for sale, too)

Money Instructor

Big Money game

I think offering children an alternative to worksheets to learn about money is wonderful.  It can change things up a bit.  Sometimes, our children get bored with worksheets and workbooks.  Free online games with lots of colors can help a visual learner.  If a game has audio, that can help an auditory learner.

Well, thanks for viewing this quick blog entry about teaching about money with technology.

How about you, my readers?  Have you ever used online games to teach about money?  If so, did your children enjoy learning about money while playing the games?  Or did they like using actual dollars and coins?  I think virtual coins and dollars is a practical, economical method to learn about money.  I believe in finding technological tools to help in the home school; I hope you would consider using technology in your schools, too. 

I pray that God gives you all, my beloveds, His wisdom and peace.

This has been an entry for the Technology Tuesdays series.  Please visit my Technology Tuesdays webpage for a list of my previous entries.

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