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Friday, October 21, 2011

Mini-Coupon Booklet

Small photo album

Here is a mini-photo album.  Normally I would insert 5" X 7" photos.  I bought this one at the flea market.  I believe I paid $1.  At the time, I had every intention to use it for storage of pictures.

I had a situation on my hands: I had my blue indexed coupon holder.  It contained too many coupons.  I needed to come up with an additional method to hold my high priority coupons without having to dig into all of my many coupons.  That's when I remembered that I had the small photo album.

Sample of coupons in the sleeves of photo album

I tested my theory at the store.  It worked!  It was small enough for my purse and hands.  It was easy to carry around in the store.  I was able to compare coupons and products.  

The pockets of the photo album are see-through.  

I was able to see the coupons.  When I was definitely going to be using certain coupons, I slipped them in the same last sleeve.  Whatever I wasn't using, I could leave where they were at.  Alternately, I could slip them at the beginning of the photo album.  That would let me know that I had already looked at them.

This method is not foolproof.  The pockets may eventually tear.  Still, this is easier for me and cheaper than buying a large binder.  Many people who are into extreme couponing use mega binders with baseball card holders in them.  Those are see-through, too.

Well, thanks for reading this entry about my mini-coupon booklet.
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How about it, my readers?  Do you use coupons?  How do you organize your coupons?  With the economy the way it is, couponing can be quite beneficial.  I hope you would find the time to collect and use some coupons. 

May God bless you all with His wisdom and peace.

This entry is part of the Family Fun Fridays series.

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