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Friday, August 5, 2011

Utility Room Update

Before picture of over-sized shelves.

A few shelves in a room can make a big difference!

Back in June of this year, I posted about how we reorganized our utility room in Cleaning Challenge Update Sixth Week--Home Office & Utility Room.  The over-sized black plastic shelves had overpowered the small utility room.  It made me feel claustrophobic so we removed them from the room.  That made a big difference, but I knew we still needed some shelves.

Before picture showed cloth baskets weren't working for us.

We had also removed the cloth hampers for dirty clothes we had used for years.  We turned to round white baskets that we owned.  I labeled the white baskets.  The only thing I didn't like was that they were on the ground.  I felt we needed shelves.

Detergent was placed in only reachable shelf.

My detergent was still far away from the washer.  I wanted the detergent to be placed closer to the washer.  Below is a picture of a recent update.  Now, this is much better: 

This is the current set up to our utility room.

Clean clothes are on the dryer side of the utility room.  Dirty clothes are to the left where the washer is located.  Also, the detergent is now closer to the washer.  My sweet hubby moved his work uniforms over the baskets which are for the clean clothes.  Then, he placed white shelves from that piece of furniture that now holds the clean clothes baskets.  Can you believe that?!

Two larger baskets at the top have been labeled.

I found I needed to tweak a few more things about our laundry system.  The kids already had baskets for their clean clothes.  I had to label a large white basket for clothes for Mom & Dad.  An oval basket was labeled for linen & towels.

Shelves have been added.

There is a large green box that holds crocheted blankets and pillows.  That is what is actually touching the floor.  Additionally, there is one green hamper that holds the dirty linen and towels.  By the way, I love these shelves.  Hubby has done an outstanding job!

This basket is dedicated to catching outgoing stuff.

I decided to label this blue basket as a catchall for outgoing stuff.  Stuff like outgrown, torn, or useless clothing, books, and toys can go in there.  Then, I can decide what I'll do with those items later.  I have used boxes in the past, but I think this basket will hold a sufficient amount of stuff, until I take it to the storage shed outside.

Well, thanks for viewing the pictures and reading this update. 

I hope this entry has inspired you to organize your utility/laundry room.

How about you, my readers?  Have you updated your utility/laundry room?  I hope that if your laundry system isn't working, you would consider changing things up a bit.  It could help your family want to do the laundry.  For us, it has made a difference because the white see-through baskets allow my kids to see what needs washing right away.

May God bless you all with His wisdom and peace.

This entry has been part of the Family Fun Fridays series.

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