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Friday, August 26, 2011

Doors of Cabinets and Cork Tiles

This is a before picture without cork tiles.

Last week, I blogged about How I Organized My Cabinet Shelves.  I had struggled with organizing my stuff, but I finally got some semblance of organization.  Today, I want to focus on the doors of the cabinet.  I had seen others putting the doors to their cabinets to good use.  I had already had a great start as you can see above.

On the right door, I already had a key chain holder.  I have highlighters on one ring.  I have dry erase markers on another ring.  On yet another ring, I have USB drive sticks.  In addition, there is a blue retractable pen. 

I also used a command hook to hold up a clipboard, which holds my daily affirmations list that Dr. Dyer created.  A calculator is hanging on that same hook. 

This Command hook was easy to install.
The instructions for the hooks are easy to follow.
Mounting putty is easy to use, too.

On the left door, I have a cute Carebear cutout that my daughter made for me.  On the back of it, she wrote me a dear note.  I love looking at the bear because it reminds me that she appreciates my mothering her.  I also have my makeshift schedule that I printed out.  I have that inside a sheet protector.  A mounting putty, which is like play dough, that teachers use for hanging up posters, is what is holding up my schedule and the Carebear picture.

This is a 4 count cork tile package.

When I was last at Big Lots, I saw the cork tiles in the office supply aisle.  I had already seen other women bloggers put these corkscrew boards to good use.  I knew that these packages were available somewhere.  That's why when I saw this package, I snatched it up quickly.  I knew what I would do with at least one of the tiles--install it on a door of my personal cabinet.  

This is the after picture with cork tiles.

I was disappointed when I opened the package.  I realized that the boards were too wide for an individual door.  My oldest son gave me a good idea.  Why not cut a tile in half.  It worked great, and the tile color blends in with the wood paneling color of the doors.  

Left side cork 1/2 tile holds long sticky notes and thumb tacks.
Right side of 1/2 tile holds notes.

I ended up with two boards that I could use to post bits of paper.  These notes keep me organized, believe it or not.  I am just like anyone else who writes notes on tiny paper and sticky notes.  Sometimes, I just need a catchall place to attach all those little notes, like grocery lists and recipes, that I make to myself.

As I mentioned before, I can keep all those notes on the doors of my cabinet.  At night, I can shut out the work by closing those doors.  Out of sight, the notes don't bother me because I can't see them anymore.  I like having a clean environment at night.  I like to wake up to a clutter free bedroom. 

This is my 11 yr.-old son's board.
This is the girls' board.

I asked my kids if they wanted a board.  Yes, they did.  Rafael pinned up his chore list and a collection of lollipop wrappers on his cork tile.  Don't ask me why, but my kids like to keep boxes and wrappers of their favorite candy.  Maybe they've picked up keeping collections from their parents.  Hmmm?

Not too long after I installed a cork tile in the girls' room, Iris and Rafael started a tug-of-war struggle, tearing up a newspaper comic strip page.  They noticed it was taking the shape of our state of Texas.  Well, they displayed it!  The cork tile was also decorated with peace symbol and panda bear stickers Dad had bought for the girls.  Iris has since pinned a to-do list on the board.
Well, thanks for reading about how I've utilized the doors to my cabinet and the cork tile, too.  I hope you got some good ideas to use in your own home.

Next week, I'd like to address what we've devised for a bedtime routine.  Stay tuned!

How about you, my readers?  Are you utilizing the doors to your cabinets?  I hope you would consider cork tiles, dry erase and/or chalkboards to jot down notes.  The internet is a perfect place to find ideas.  I believe looking at the Container Store and/or organizational websites can yield some inspiration.

May God bless you all with His wisdom and peace.

This entry has been part of the Family Fun Fridays series.

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