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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Reading for First Grade

Reading choice Pre-K--1st grade

Assigned reading is one thing.  Reading comprehension is another.  Reading to learn is very important.  That's why I have books of all kinds.  I even have some textbooks for several grades that I've collected over the years.  It's good to have a variety for free reading.

Yes, for reading, my incoming first grader, Kaelyn will have a lot to choose from.  For example, the paperback book above is a collection of 10 readers in one.  This was put out by Modern Publishing.

PP-pre-primer basal reader--Scott, Foresman publisher

The book above is labeled PP, probably meaning pre-primer.  Collections: You're Invited is a set of easy to read stories full of colorful pictures.  I love these kinds of books.  My daughter has read a few of the stories already.  I know that my now 11 year-old read this book, too.

1st Grader Reader--Houghton Mifflin publisher

I plan to place these books on shelves in the girl's room.  Kaelyn can have easy access to them.  I don't want her to run out of reading material. 

1st grade level 5--McGraw-Hill publisher

You might come across something having two numbers.  In the case of the book above, it means that the book is for a reading level of first grade 5 months.  That means that the child who is reading this has reached a level of reading of beyond first grade.  A traditional school year consists of 9 months.  You might also see standardized tests give results like that, too--1.5.

Set of 3 textbooks from HBJ publisher

Harcourt Brace Jovanovich (HBJ) published these books:

Of course, I wish I had complete sets of readers, but I must be satisfied with what I've found from yard sales, flea market finds, and thrift store shopping.

Christian-based readers--A Beka publisher

The A Beka Book Reading Program consists of a set of readers, probably about 10 paperback books.

The two that I have are:

Ebay has the whole set for sale for about $35.

Reading comprehension Workbook Grade 1
The School Zone Publishing Company came up with this wonderful workbook.  Reading Comprehension 1 covers such reading skills as:

"...identifying the main idea

selecting supporting details

...drawing conclusions"

(taken from inside cover)
The workbook above will help me teach Kaelyn the specific skills she needs to understand her reading.  It should be lots of fun to go through the pages with her.
Well, thanks for reading this entry about what I'm using to homeschool my first grade reader.  I hope I've given you all an idea of what could be used for first grade reading.

How about you, my readers?  For those of you who homeschool, what are you using for reading for first grade?  Are you satisfied with your curriculum choices?  It's fun to find various books for each grade for reading.  It gives our children a chance to choose what they would like to read.
I pray that God helps us all, whether we are homeschooling or are thinking of homeschooling.

May God bless you all with His wisdom and peace, as you teach your children.

This has been an entry for Thorough Thursdays.  Hope you liked it.

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