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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Understanding Our Interconnectedness: My Contemplation of Verse 39 of the Tao Te Ching

Dr. Dyer's book is Change your Thoughts--Change Your Life: Living the Wisdom of the Tao.

Today, I am focusing on verse 39 of the Tao Te Ching, particularly these portions:

When man interferes with the Tao,
the sky becomes filthy, 
the earth becomes depleted,
the equilibrium crumbles,
creatures become extinct...

The pieces of a chariot are useless
unless they work in accordance with the whole.
A man's life brings nothing
unless he lives in accordance with the whole universe.
Playing one's part
in accordance with the universe
is true humility.

We are part of a global society.

A sense of interconnectedness is what we are experiencing.  I've been seeing the morning news.  British people feel unprotected by the police.  Some have banded together to police the streets.  It is sad that people feel unsafe in their own city. 

I think the world is reeling right now from the economic waves.  We are one in this global society.  No one is immune from this.  People are watching the stock markets.  Everyone is waiting to see what else will be happening.  

Some would like to bury themselves in ignorance.  Others are panicking.  I say we should ban together.  We should come up with solutions.  We can't leave it to our government to help us.

When representatives from the S & P group downgraded the United States credit rating, they caused chaos.  I believe they interfered with the balance of the economy.  Still, the Source of everything, God, is ultimately in control.  That's why I choose not to worry.  

If people were to offer jobs to those who are unemployed, the economy would improve.  People, including my family, would spend money.  The economy would be boosted.  That can't happen overnight, but the ball can get rolling with more optimism.  I think that's what our president did; after his speech, the stock market regained some of its loses.

Let's remember that we are all interconnected.

I think right now is a perfect opportunity to improve our society.  We stand a chance to make wise choices.  We can contemplate our past mistakes.  We can change our ways.  We can spend our money more wisely and show our children that the economy will rebound just as it always has.

Thanks for reading today's post.  
I appreciate it.  
I hope this post blesses you, my dear readers.

I've got some questions for you: Do you see us all as interconnected?  What do you think about those making decisions about our economy?  Are you relying on those decision-makers?  Or are you resting your hope on God, the Source of everything?  I pray we all seek God and His provisions. Let's ask God to give us peace and resolve to keep moving forward.  He will surely help us.

May God bless you, my beloveds, with His wisdom and peace, in Jesus' name.  Amen!

This has been an entry for Wisdom Wednesdays.

I am currently drawing inspiration from Dr. Wayne W. Dyer's book and the 81 verses of the Chinese wisdom book the Tao Te Ching.

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