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Friday, March 4, 2011

Why I Bought a Graphics Card for My Son's Computer

New graphics card for my son's computer tower.
 The Plan:

For this year before we actually received our income tax refund (which is often sizable but usually applied to outstanding bills), we sat at the dinner table after supper and drew up a plan for how to spend it wisely. My oldest son, Gabriel, wanted a new tower and graphics card for his computer. He had calculated that it would be cheaper to buy those two components and still keep the flat screen monitor. After we filed our tax return, he went into frantic cleaning mode to kill time. This he did without being asked.

The Teachable Moment:

We bought the tower, but he kept cleaning--even the toilets and grimy microwave. That's desperate! I decided to use this event as a teachable moment. I determined he should write a persuasive essay about why I should buy him the graphics card. It was awesome to see him create the sentences, paragraphs, and final draft for the essay.

Writing the essay meant sitting down with my son. I asked him to make a list of reasons--whatever he could come up with. I then sought for the three main reasons within his list and helped him convert the new sentences into paragraphs for the body of the essay. We used graphic organizers to create the paragraphs, dealing with the topic sentence and then the details. Towards the end, I helped him create the introduction and conclusion paragraphs, as well.

The End Result:

The end result was a dry final draft. This was our first real attempt at bringing a good essay together. I had to be content with leaving out transitional words. I was elated that he did the essay in the first place. We could do another better essay later.

I took the time to explain to him my purpose for having him create a persuasive essay.  You see, in real life, an individual will have to do a lot of persuading. Creating an essay can help to organize one's thoughts. It can also train you on how to persuade.  Being able to ask for something, in an articulate manner, will make all the difference in getting what you need and want out of life.

As you can see, he did get the graphics card for his computer. I must admit that I just needed convincing to spend the money for it. I did think he deserved it for many reasons. This is my dear child who was my little companion when he was a toddler. He is now my techie geek who has learned much more about computers than what I know.

My son could barely hold his excitement.

The investment into my child's interest is worth it. With his computer, he is practicing his own brand of artwork. He is creating his Gmod comics. He is practicing writing short skits. He is also practicing creative thinking, as well.

Those are all skills that a growing teenager needs. Am I spoiling him by buying him these bits of technology? Maybe. He does not, though, do drugs or disrespect me or the rest of the family. He is also very appreciative of what we have provided for him.

How about you, my readers? What ways do you use technology? Do you use it to reach and/or educate the children in your life? I hope you consider it. 

My beloveds, may God bless you all with His peace.


  1. I let my son go on learning sites. Only the ones that will actually teach him something!
    now following you and would love a follow back at

  2. Mizzviewlady,

    Thanks for the comment.

    Yes, I like for the younger kids. It's awesome.

    Just followed you back, dear.

    God bless,

    Rebecca G.


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