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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Installing Manga Studio Software Into a Netbook

Daughter wanted the Manga Studio software installed on her Net Book.

I love all kinds of technology, even though I cannot fully grasp it.  I know that this Japanese comics software, Manga Studio, was what my darling daughter, Iris, wanted.  I struck a deal with her.  I would buy it, but she would pick up a few more chores.  The deal was so simple.

A few weeks later and the pots and pans were habitually dirty.  It could have been my fault.  Most parents will start with asking a child to show how much he/she wants that latest toy.  Not me!  I had to do something about it.

The problem started when we thought we knew how to install the software that she so coveted.  Her Netbook has no CD drive in which to put the physical shiny circle.  We knew this going into the venture.  I could have bought the software online, but the website greatly encourages you to buy some insurance in case the download goes wrong.  I had spoken with my oldest son, Gabriel, who assured me that he could download it onto my last desktop computer and then transfer the software to Iris' Netbook.

Sounded easy, especially since I wouldn't have to do it myself!

Here's the problem: 

The software was installed into my old computer that runs on the Windows Vista operating system.  It did run successfully on that computer but when Gabriel tried to install it onto Iris' Netbook, it wouldn't work.  Her Netbook runs on the Windows XP operating system.  

Incompatible operating systems equals not being able to see through a dirty window.

Gabriel knew the solution.  He had to install the software onto Rafael's computer, which runs on Windows XP like Iris' Netbook.  He was sure it would work.  Iris did not press Gabriel on the matter, though.  I think she had become disappointed that it had not worked the first time around.

In order for my pots and pans to get washed, I had to act.  

I asked Gabriel to do the work required for Iris to be able to use the Manga Studio software.  My hubby prepared the hot water, and Iris busied herself with the chore.

There were several steps Gabriel took to bring about the desired outcome:

1. He downloaded Manga Studio onto Rafael's computer.  The software went into a folder which was moved into a USB drive stick.

2. He also had to export the registry files and place them in the USB.  He explained to me that those files are like a register at a hotel which tells who is situated in which room. 

3. He also had to find and download an .exe (executable) file. This would allow Iris to use the software without having to use the shiny circle called a CD.  He inserted this file into the USB, as well.

4. He installed all 3 components into the Netbook.

5. He created a shortcut for the software onto the desktop of Iris' Netbook.

Gabriel set up the software before Iris had finished washing the pots and pans.

I knew Gabriel could do some interesting computer stuff.  Interviewing him to see what this all entailed blew my mind.  I was curious to know why he had learned how to use software without requiring the physical CD.  He related how he wanted to play some games without the actual CD because the CDs were getting scratched with overuse.  Another reason was that two persons cannot use the same physical CD at the same time when playing a two-person game; hence the need for the .exe file for those particular games.  

He wanted to be able to play computer games with his younger brother, Rafael.

I asked him how he's gone about finding those .exe files.  He said he's tapped into Yahoo! Answers and to find the files for his games.

I must say that I am proud of my son.  He has taken initiative to find answers to his questions.  He has researched when he did not know the answers.  My younger son says, "He knows more than you, Mom, about computers."  Yes, that is true, but I am glad that someone in the family can handle the technology in our household.

How about you, my friends?  Are you computer savvy?  If so, do you help your family and friends when they need computer help?  I hope you or someone you know can help when computer problems arise in your home.

God bless you all with His peace and wisdom.

This has been an entry for Technology Tuesdays.  I hope you enjoyed it.

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