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Friday, March 18, 2011

My Responsible Five Year-Old

My five year-old acting responsibly.
In light of it being a Friday, I thought I would take this chance to create a light-hearted entry about a wonderful family member.

My daughter, Kaelyn, is such a delightful five year-old.  As you can see from the picture she likes peanut butter sandwiches.  From having raised her older sister with a set of responsibilities, I realized that a hungry child can be encouraged to feed herself.  Her siblings and I have equipped her with the instructions on how to create a sandwich.  It has been satisfying to know that Kaelyn can fend for herself.

The way I see it, if you don't allow a child to make her own sandwich (or some such responsible skill) then you are handicapping him/her.  What would happen if you didn't have time or weren't available to make her a meal?  Would she go hungry?  Would she figure out what to do?  Or would she nag you until you dropped whatever you were doing to feed her?

I'm not saying that a parent should neglect her children.  I'm just saying that one of the best things you can do as a parent is to let them have pride in learning how to do something for themselves. 

Of course, a child at the age of five can also do other things.  She can change out of her pajamas, put on some fresh clothes, and throw the dirty ones in the hamper.  I think that if my child can do those chores for herself, then I have done my job in equipping her to later run her own household.

Yes!  I am thinking ahead.  My children have shown me what they are capable of doing.  I thank God that He has given me the wisdom to direct my children in this area of learning. I am even more glad when He has encouraged me to step back from intervening.

How about you, my readers?  What about the children in your life?  What do your children do, young or old, that make you proud?  It's fine if your children can make music or art.  Can they clean up after themselves?  Can they manage a household?  I encourage you to examine whether your children are capable of fending for themselves sufficiently, in an appropriate proportion to their age.

God bless you all with His peace, my beloveds.

This has been part of my Family Fun Fridays  series.  I hope you enjoyed it.


  1. New follower visiting you from FrugalXchange! Very neat blog! I love the themed days you have selected. :-) I look forward to reading what you have to say. We intend to homeschool our son (he's only 8 months now) to give him a great, Christ-centered education.

  2. I agree with you on giving children certain responsibilities. That's one of the reasons that we are parents; to teach our children responsibility so that one day they can be good, honest and productive adults. My son is just barely 2 and we try to show him what are his "responsibilities" such as taking his plate to the counter when he's done snacking or helping us pick up his toys.
    Thanks for the follow. I'm now following you.

  3. TJ,

    Thanks for visiting. I'm following you now.

    I hope to post as much as I can. Since I just began blogging in February, I am slowly adding content.

    By the way, congrats on the decision to homeschool. Early researching is great because you will be armed with information to be successful at homeschooling your child.

    God bless,

    Rebecca G.

  4. Emy,

    Thanks for visiting and following. I appreciate it so much.

    God bless,

    Rebecca G.

  5. You have me thinking about my favorites..2nd-4th gr. Rod and Staff,and my 17 yr. likes Google lol, put in a question and it answers. She also likes her McGraw Hill SAT prep book. I have another favorite, English for college..can't recall the name now, but I Love the way the book is compiled. Right now for 7th and up Daily grammer and Grammer bites on the web. I have to store them on my blog.

  6. Casa_DeArtes,

    I love your name and your list of homeschooling helps. If you get a chance, post them on your blog.

    If you can, create a badge or gadget for your blog, and I will post it here in my blog. I'm hoping to create a page dedicated to homeschooling website and blogs.

    Rebecca G.


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