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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Homeschool High School Requirements

Homeschooling in high school has certain requirements.
I believe that to begin something, you must see the end in your mind.

I have been in a bit of a panic lately. As my oldest child has been inching his way into the high school years, I have been wondering what he should learn. I recently found a list of high school requirements on the internet. This has helped me figure out what he should learn within the ninth grade (and the rest of high school, for that matter). I have found a blank high school transcript in which I can place his grades, once he completes the requirements that I place before him.

Here in the state of Texas, a parent needs to teach the following mandatory subjects:

Good Citizenship

I don't have to teach my children any science, but I will address that subject in case my son decides to attend a college or university. I have focused more on the above subjects in the lower grades. Now, I will make sure my son takes electives like Spanish. I can say that my son has been working on computers ever since I first obtained one. I made it a point, beginning when he was just four years-old, to make available to him educational software from which he could learn his basic concepts like the alphabet and numbers.

Here are two websites that I found useful in my research:

This one gives a good outline of what to teach, based on the aggressive level of the content (whether your child wants to attend college or not)--

This one is a blank “report card” which a parent can fill (with grades and course content)--

It benefits me to explain my research because it sinks into my brain. I am also attempting to give a glimpse into what needs to be considered in order to homeschool into the high school years. It is easier now that we have the internet. Information is now within easier reach. I do hope that HSLDA and/or other educational websites give me leeway as I share all of this information because I DO NOT intend to make any money.

I simply want to help other homeschooling families who are considering homeschooling their own children into the high school years.

If you like this blog entry, please stay tuned because I plan to go into depth about the core subjects, too.

How about you, my readers? Do you homeschool your children? Are you homeschooling into the high school years? Have you successfully homeschooled high school students who have graduated? I would love to hear your experience and wisdom. I know there are many others who could also benefit from any new information.

May God bless you all with His peace, my beloveds.

This entry is part of the Thorough Thursdays theme. Stay tuned for more.


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