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Monday, November 21, 2011

Days 19, 20 & 21 NaNoWriMo

is National Novel Writing Month, 
a month long challenge to write a novel 
throughout the month of November. 

I spent the weekend lamenting my lame wrist.  It seriously bit into my productivity.  There was so much I could have accomplished.  Alas, I had to rest my precious wrist.  My body was telling me to rest; all I could do was watch Netflix. 

I could have gotten way ahead with my novel.  I could have made some delicious meals.  I could have deep cleaned. Instead my characters, just like my raw food products, stayed on the shelf.  They all waited patiently for me to be ready.

I am so dedicated to my craft of writing!

I took oodles of Ibuprofen just to be able to type.  I cried lots in pain.  I wore a wrap for my wrist.  I had topical creams applied and even a heat wrap.  I have a stiff pinky which is slowly coming out of strike.

My hand is stiff, but I am pressing on.  I pray I get better.  Potatoes need smashing and dressing is waiting to be mixed and fluffed.  Will my wrist let me participate in preparing a delicious meal for turkey day?

More importantly, will my characters progress in their growth as individuals?  My hero, just today, managed to remember who beat him up.  Yes, I wrote enough to satisfy today and some of tomorrow's word count.  I would love to have all of Thanksgiving Day off, but we shall see.  John still needs to figure out how he got to the hospital. 

I gladly welcome your prayers that my wrist will heal.  I would love to come back full force to blog everyday in December.  Thanks for thinking of me when you talk to God today and whenever else you remember me throughout the days ahead.

Thanks so much for reading this latest update about my NanoWriMo adventures.  Stay tuned for more.

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