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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Day 6 NaNoWriMo

is National Novel Writing Month, 
a month long challenge to write a novel 
throughout the month of November.

I did some writing but not for my novel.  Instead I woke up at about 2 a.m. due to the time change.  I made a poem about the hour change.  It produced chaos for me.

My Day Light Savings Fiasco

Here's a little ditty
That I think is pretty:

I went to sleep at nine o'clock
Cuz Ms. Sandman did knock.

Woke up six
hours later
What a mix
I hate her.

My body said get up
My brain said not yet
Finally my brain said giddy up
so it's a sure bet
That I turned on the light
an idea in my brain did alight.

My body slept six hours
But my clock showed five hours.
Crazy Day Light Savings bit
at my 'puter chair I did sit
can't help but write
before it's bright.

This silly nonsense
You see, I'm not so dense
To think this too witty
but it's about this kitty
Who can't sleep
And can't count sheep.

Here's fair warning
It's not worth darning
Those socks
But those clocks
Deserve our time
To reset the flocks
To at the same point, chime.

Rebecca Garcia. 2011.

I hope you liked my poem.  I had fun making it.  It's not perfect, but I love making funny poems about silly situations.

I'll try to give an update tomorrow.  Thanks for reading!

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