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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

K is for Knowledge Adventure

I'm currently participating in 
an ABC's for homeschooling challenge.  
Since it falls on Tuesdays, 
I am adding a technological slant to the challenge.  
I hope you stay tuned and enjoy my entries.
Knowledge Adventures website
Over the years, I have used software to teach my children.  Actually, I have just bought and made available the software, which has been of educational value.  My children have learned their numbers and alphabet, among the many concepts they've had to learn.  Some of the CDs from the beginning were so simple and then they have progressively become more difficult.  Yes, my children, from my fifteen year-old down to my six year-old, have had their introduction to the use of computers in this way.

According to Wikipedia, the company, Knowledge Adventures, began in 1989.

Knowledge Adventures free website

Knowledge Adventures Store

Sample of offerings at the online store

The Knowledge Adventure Store sells by age, subject, brand (ex: Blasters series), and type (method of delivery, example, PC computer or Nintendo DS).  Jump Start covers subjects, such as math, reading, and spelling; it also covers material by grade.  There are CD's called Math Blaster, Spelling Blaster, and Reading Blaster.

Our family has used Jump Start and Math Blaster, too.  I think it's important to present the subjects in different manners.  Yes, we need textbooks and workbooks; however, we also need to present the information in different formats.  Even when I took a driver's test, it was computerized.  It wasn't written down.

There are lots of advantages to educational software.

The colorful pictures in the games appeal to a visual learner.  The audio of the games instructs the children.  The audio also encourages and rewards the child as he/she gets the answers right.  The software also shows the progress of the child.  The child can also pick up where they left off.

Well, thanks for reading this entry.  I hope I have provided a fun way to teach your children.  The Knowledge Adventures software is a wonderful, fun-filled way for your children to learn.  Next week, I hope to cover another company, The Learning Company.  Stay tuned!

How about you, my readers?  Are you a fan of educational software?  Would you use CD's and educational online games for your children?  I believe using educational software can be helpful.  I encourage you to use a fun way to teach your children, every once in a while, especially in their free time.

I pray that God gives you all, my beloveds, His wisdom and peace.

This has been an entry for the Technology Tuesdays series.


  1. I think I got to the letter "C" and got bored. Yep. that's me. bored. easily.

    We use educational software some times. I like to find more active hands on ways if I can, but sometimes a good CD-Rom is what we need! And I can not do anything fun with math when they get past simple multiplication- so online/CD-Rom comes in handy.

    My oldest could spend all day at Wikipedia. He could get a degree in it I bet.

  2. Kimberly,

    I hear you on the Wikipedia. My oldest is the one who has used it the most.

    As the kids have gotten older, they have moved away from CD's. The youngest one uses them as well as other educational stuff online. She likes playing on the Wii and the DS on Animal Crossing. They both require reading, and it really spurs them to read. It did the same for the oldest one, who is now 15 years-old.

    Rebecca G.

  3. We used all of the Jump Start CD's years ago. Since 2000 though, so many free resources have come online that we haven't ever replaced those CDs for our youngest two kids. There is just so much out there now! I'll have to check out Knowledge Adventures website. Thanks!

  4. Dawn,

    Thanks for responding here. I appreciate it.

    It's great that we've still been able to use those old CDs for our kids through the years. My oldest figured out how to use the compatibility features so that the newer computers could still run them. That's, I think, when I realized I had a computer savvy child.

    Rebecca G.

  5. *gasp!* You can USE the old CDs???? May I borrow your son for a day? :)

    We used Math Blaster and Jump Start for my oldest, then gave them away because of compatibility issues. Good to know they have some online features, too.


  6. Heidi,

    I think it might be difficult using the CDs with Windows 7, but the others have done better in the later versions of Windows.

    A quick online search yielded this:

    Rebecca G.

  7. I love educational software!! My kids learn without whining about learning. =p

    My oldest needed some math practice around 4th grade and we used several math games to strengthen her skills. There was one where she had to save Spectacle City. I can't recall the name of it now, but that game was the best. It worked so many skills in a practical to life kind of way (this soccer team needs a new uniform with a blue top and white pants, but it can't cost more than $25, which of these tops and bottoms should they buy?) That was awesome.

    My biggest complaint now is that so many of our games no longer run on our computer system because they are so old. I tried to run them on Vista with their 'older version' option but most of them still didn't work. I keep trying to convince the hubby to set up a hard drive with Windows 98 on it so we can use all these games we have to our benefit. He's a computer guy. He could. He's just resisting on principle.. it's windows NINETY EIGHT. *sigh* =p

  8. Amber,

    Thanks for the comments.

    I know what you mean about the CDs not working. That's why when my son figured out that the compatibility feature helps with the CD being able to run. It doesn't always happen but we've been able to play most of them on Windows Vista.

    Rebecca G.


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