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Friday, June 3, 2011

Cleaning Challenge Update Fifth Week--Bathrooms & Home Office

Homemakers Challenge - 31 Days to Clean

Update on the 31 Days to Clean Challenge: Days 21-25

Day 21

Planning is easy for me.  It's the follow up that is difficult.  I have been sick so often throughout the years that I just can't get to everything that I would like to do.  I want my house to be more organized.  Yes, it looks clean, but the dust is often not seen to, and the floors do not get mopped as they should.  Luckily, my kids don't get sick.

I figured out that I might need to detail how my kids should do some of the chores:

Dusting - TVs, computers, books, shelves, walls, ceiling fans (broken down by days)

Sweeping - Every room and the baseboards (broken down by days)

Clothing - sorted, washed, folded, and hung (daily)

Dishes - clean pots, pans, big bowls by hand; dishwasher in and out (daily)

Mopping - almost every room (broken down by days)

Vacuuming - classroom (weekly)

Trash collection - (every other day)

Cooking - biggest challenge; hubby, morning; Iris, afternoon; Gabriel & me, evening (daily)

I need to enforce the chores, but the time always slips.  I can't reward my kids because they already have all they want.  There doesn't seem to be any extra currency I can give them.  The best I can do is to pray to God to help me enforce and carry out the chores.

Today, I cleaned both toilets.  I mopped my own bathroom.  Also, I mopped my bedroom, which also houses my office.  (Everyone has their own "office.")  Need to clean both tubs.  Need to sweep and mop the other bathroom.  Might ask daughter to do that for me.

Day 22

I've written schedules, but I get sick.  Need to see a doctor to figure out what's wrong with me.  I am working on getting up early.  Didn't work on the chores today because I was sick from a diet I attempted.

Day 23

I wish I could steam clean the carpet in the room occupied by my teenage son.  It is not realistic to rent the machine because it would only be for one room.  I would like to someday pull out that carpet.  The room would look so much bigger if I could do that.

Anyway, I've been praying about my health.  He's the only one who can help when I feel like I'm dying.  That's what holds me back from having the ultimate home--my illness.  

I want to spend more time with my kids.  For now, I go to their rooms and visit with them for a few minutes.  We talk about the weather, politics, school, plans, etc. at night time, when hubby is asleep.

Since I was feeling sick, I asked the little one to spend some time with me.  

I quizzed her, verbally, on her alphabet, the numbers 1 to 100, and her vowels.  Her brother came along and soon all Kaelyn's pandas and seals were on my bed.  We played together until their father arrived.

Time management situation:

I must turn the TV off.  

Perhaps, I can use a timer.

I must limit how much time I spend online.  

I could use the Firefox reminder.  

I could try the Yahoo or Google calendars.

Day 24

Computer desk holds hubby's stuff and computer.
Hubby's household include bills and pay stubs.
Box holds hubby's calculator and reading glasses.
Hubby's drawer holds his calendar and check register.

Picked hubby's workspace to declutter.  He told me that the drawer at his computer desk would be better for his papers.  He balances the checkbook and the family budget at that desk.  It did make sense for his stuff to be relocated to that area.  He had already taken his files over there.

I removed all the paper and office supplies so his paperwork could be in the one drawer.  Then, I designated a simple box for his supplies, which include his writing instruments, calculator, and reading glasses.

Then, I came over to my desk (in my room) and spread out my own supplies within the drawers.  I don't know how to get rid of my paper clutter.  I don't like to throw away things, in case I need them later.  I will have to work on the files to weed out old stuff, like out of date utility bills.  I could teach my hubby how to weed them out, too.

Day 25

When do I have more energy?  I should look for a pattern within each month for about 3 months.  I need to see if there is a rhythm to my energy levels.  I would definitely like to figure that out.  I know that I can live without coffee because it makes my stomach ache.  I can drink some tea but not too much.  

I can try fruit smoothies, but I would have to make them ahead of time.  My blender is too loud for the morning.

As for working on the shelves in the office, I looked at those for the homeschooling material and need to reorganize the workbooks by grade once again.  I'm constantly shifting things around.  I am working on getting rid of some of the pre-k and kindergarten material that Kaelyn has outgrown.  It is a bit sad to think that I won't be needing them anymore, but I need to make room for the new stuff.

Well, thanks for reading this update. 
I appreciate the support through this journey.

I hope this entry has inspired you to organize your homes.

How about you, my readers?  Have you deep cleaned your bathrooms?  Have you mopped your bathrooms?  Have you worked in your home office, weeding out papers and decluttering your shelves?  Are you wanting to deep clean, but you don't know where to get started? 

The link above leads to an ebook which can be helpful in prioritizing and breaking down the cleaning.  I encourage you to click on the link if you need more help.

May God bless you all with His wisdom and peace.

This entry has been part of the Family Fun Fridays series.

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