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Friday, June 17, 2011

Household Organization: The Linen, Seasonal Clothing, and Yarn

Piece of furniture moved out of my bedroom

Since I participated in the 31 day challenge, there were so many projects I did.  This is a lose end that I wanted to address.  Of course, there are other projects I want to tackle.  This entry, I felt, was important enough to address.  I hope it gives inspiration and encouragement to address these household management situations.

This is a tale of three collections.  It was a case of playing "musical chairs."  I ultimately had to deal with my yarn and a dresser.  Those needed to get out of my bedroom.  I couldn't stand to have a crowded bedroom, which gave my room a chaotic feel.

I moved the above dresser out of my room.  I dragged it into the dining area.  I pulled out my winter clothes and placed them in a clear box.  My intention was to put the linen in the dresser.  It was a tight squeeze, but I did it.  

The linen was addressed.  Christmas linen, including napkins, place mats, and curtains went into the top drawers.  The middle drawers contain other curtains.  The bottom drawers hold bed linen including fitted and flat sheets and pillow cases.

Out of season clothing moved out of drawers
Clear boxes that held the linens

Dining area closet held boxes of linen; now seasonal clothing

The picture above shows my dining area closet, which held the boxes linen.  I always had difficulty getting to those boxes.  I had to dig into the closet.  It was a majorly physical event just to get into that closet to find my linen.  I was often frustrated.

In the closet, I put the clear boxes of seasonal clothing.  It is better for it to be in there.  To place it in the attic or outside in a storage shed is not practical.  What if the storage shed is burglarized?  What if the boxes are too heavy for our attic?

Top of closet that holds yarn

Closet that hides behind curtain

Top drawers holds Christmas linens

Middle drawers hold curtains and bed sheets

Last drawers hold kids' bed linens

Top of dresser in dining area

Now, everything is in a new, better home.  The yarn, seasonal clothing, and linen are in different locations.  The yarn and seasonal clothing are in a closet.  The linen is in the dresser, which is easier to access.  Even the top of the dresser is used as a sort of bread/breakfast buffet area, which I think is cute and very user-friendly.

Well, thanks for reading this blog entry; I appreciate it. 

I hope this entry has inspired you to organize 
your linens, hobby materials, and seasonal clothing.

How about you, my readers?  Have you moved furniture around in your home?  Have you gathered seasonal clothing together?  Have you gathered your hobby material into one location?  Sometimes, furniture and collections should be rehoused.  It may work out better, if you move those collections around.

May God bless you all with His wisdom and peace.

This entry has been part of the Family Fun Fridays series.

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