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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Chicken Stir Fry with Noodles

Ingredients for chicken stir fry

This is one of my favorite meals.  It's so good for me.  It has healthy ingredients.  Chicken stir fry uses simple ingredients.  You can buy the veggies from the frozen foods section at Walmart.  I personally like the variety with the asparagus, red and yellow bell pepper, and yellow squash.

Noodles that I chose
Chicken breast tenders
Olive oil in stir fry pan
Bottom of chicken tenders turned white
Closeup of chicken with Mrs. Dash Lemon Pepper seasoning
Most of the chicken cooked (white)
Frozen veggies added to chicken
More seasoning added to veggies
Pan topped and fire lowered for 10 min.
Chicken stir fry cooked
Boiling water for noodles
Noodles in boiling water
Noodles cooked
Optional ingredients for chicken stir fry
Chicken stir fry served up

I turned the chicken tenders in the olive oil from pink to white.  I poured some of Mrs. Dash lemon pepper seasoning on the chicken.  Once that happened, I added the frozen veggies.  I added some more seasoning so the veggies would have flavoring.  I covered the pan and lowered the fire, for about 10 minutes.   

Then, I boiled water, added the noodles, and timed it.  These noodles were drained and bathed in cold water.  The serving consisted of adding the chicken stir fry to a bed of the noodles.  Of course, the salt and lemon juice are optional.  The result--a delicious and satisfying meal.

I hope the pictures do the recipe justice.  It's pretty straightforward.  I created this blog entry with the intention that it be easy for my teens to follow along and make their own chicken stir fry.  Have I done a good job, my good readers?  Let me know. 

Well, thanks for reading this 
quick blog entry.  
I hope you enjoyed it.

What about you, my readers? Have you ever eaten chicken stir fry? What vegetables would you add to chicken stir fry? Would you add lemon? The noodles are a nice addition.

May God bless you with His peace and wisdom, my beloveds.

This has been an entry for Saturday Spreads. I hope you enjoyed it!


  1. Looks great and very healthy!

  2. Angel,


    I had fun making it. I think God had fun watching me try to make it.

    Rebecca G.


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