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Monday, June 20, 2011

How's My Vegetable Garden?

This is our garden as of yesterday--2011.

On Saturday, April 16th, we had planted this garden.  We had planted tomato and bell pepper plants.  What you now see above is the cucumber plants that are creeping out of the square garden.  We had planted the cucumbers as seeds on April 24th.  Cilantro did not fare well inside so I need to try a different method of planting that.

Vegetable gardening is something we've been doing for a few years already, for our health.  If you want to know how we did it this last time, you can view the entries by clicking the above highlighted blog entries.  Some of the plants were bought and some we had planted from seeds and transplanted.  I can't claim to be an expert as my cilantro seeds bear out this truth.  I can say that I am not a quitter and will continue to do new experiments and projects, as far as gardening goes.

Garden planted on April 16th.
Cucumber seeds planted on April 24th.
Cucumber plant grown from seed--date April 30th.

I thought I would update you all on how our garden is doing, since our garden is for our health.  Yes, it's thriving, thanks to my hubby.  He's the one who's been watering the plants everyday.  We live in Texas and are experiencing a drought.  Our city, San Antonio, is currently at stage 2 water restrictions.  

Pretty soon, we could be experiencing 
stage 3 water restrictions.  

I'm gonna show you what that means to our plants:

My shadow encircles a light green tomato.
A green bell pepper is hiding.
This is a closeup of one unripe tomato.
Crunchy leaves manage to still hide our growing tomatoes.
A visible tomato is at the bottom of picture.

Well, you can see that our garden is coming along nicely.  Yes, it is hot in Texas.  We are fortunate to have a long growing season.  With the daily watering, my hubby has kept our garden alive.  I do think we need to add mulch because it might get hotter in the summer months.

San Antonio has experienced 100 degree weather already.  How much hotter is it gonna be in the official summer months is anybody's guess.  I want our garden prepared.  I'll update you all again.  I might even try some other experiments for cilantro, as I did some research about that.

Incidentally, we ate two bell peppers, from our garden, in our cheese enchiladas yesterday.  They smelled and tasted wonderful.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this many-pictured blog entry. I enjoyed compiling it for y'all.

What about you, my readers?  Are you gardening?  What are you growing?  How's the weather where you live?  Is the weather helping or hindering your gardening?  I hope you will consider growing something at least as an experiment for your children.  It's a lot of fun.

I pray God grants you all His wisdom and peace.

This has been part of the Medical Mondays series.

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  1. Hi Rebecca, I tried gardening last year and would have liked to garden this year but I didn't get a chance. Doesn't it feel great when you see the fruits and vegetables growing? I'll try again next year, good luck with your Cilantro : )

  2. Karla,

    Thanks so much for commenting. I appreciate it very much.

    I hope you will try it again. Sometimes, trying a different method might help.

    As for my cilantro, I am hoping to try two methods. I'll probably blog about it, too. I am loving documenting my projects.

    Rebecca G.


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