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Monday, April 18, 2011

Exercise Update & Goals for Week Starting 04/18/11

Sunday, we played badminton.
I'm glad I wrote down what I did last week because I don't remember what I did.  My memory isn't what it used to be.  My body is not as limber as it used to be, either.  Last week, I realized how out of shape I really am with my wheezing.  Anytime I did major strenuous work, I suffered with aches the next day.

Last week included a lot of moving things around the house.  I have been doing some more spring cleaning.  I worked on some of the cabinets.  I weeded out dishes and pots and pans.  I weeded out old bottles of shampoo and other toiletries. 

I felt good because I de-cluttered my house.  I felt great because I knew I was moving.  It might not have been a formal exercise regimen, but I burned some calories.  I actually got rid of excess weight of clutter from my home.  I seriously think that when you start to work on one aspect of your life, it spills over into other areas of your life.

Here is the update on my activity for last week:

Monday 04/11
15 min. exercise weights aerobics

Tuesday 04/12
 15 min. walk with 1 lb. weights

Wednesday 04/13
 10 min. dancing while cooking

Thursday 04/14
no exercise

Friday 04/15
 20 min. shoveling dirt

Saturday 04/16
 1 1/2 hrs. walked; some shoveling; played badminton

Sunday 04/17
45 min. played badminton; jump roped

Here are my considerations for modifications:

Since my children love badminton so much, I really want to continue to do that with them.  I think it's great that my kids exercise.  Movement is great for me, but they need it, too.  I love our time together.  I also love that my kids are getting better at badminton.

Making time to play is difficult.  I am just gonna choose to make the time.  My kids and I deserve the time together.  I have wonderful kids who need to maintain their health. I know they want me to work on my health, too.

I also want to jump rope.  I want my kids to jump rope, too.  I heard a while back that jumping is good for your bones.  The only problem with me is that I feel the impact on my lower legs and feet when I land on the ground.  I need to find some good tennis.

As for formal exercising, I love the Wii Fit so much.  It has different exercises, and I love variety.  I would love to incorporate more weights.  I also want to turn my music on while I cook.  Music helps me get in the groove to cook.

Well, I hope you are encouraged to keep exercising.

How about you, my readers?  Are you keeping up with your goals?  It doesn't matter how much you do; what matters is that you are getting up and moving.

May God bless you all with His wisdom and peace.  

This is an entry for Medical Mondays.  For past entries, click here.

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