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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Breaking the Rules for the Sake of Art

My five-year old was coloring instead of sleeping.

A few evenings ago, I walked into the girl's room.  I was expecting to see my youngest in bed.  You know--head in the pillow and blanket up to the chin.  No.  That's not what I found.

Instead, I found her coloring.  I had seen her earlier in the evening grabbing some scratch paper.  I thought she was getting it for her big sister.  My kids are nice like that with each other.  The paper had really been for herself, though.

Kaelyn proudly shows me the drawing.

I saw the box of colors right next to her.  She was coloring away.  She looked so lovely.  How could I get after her?  She was being creative.

See, that's my problem: 

If I see Albert Einstein in my home, I let him be.

What do I mean by that, you ask?  I mean that I like it when my kids get lost in time like mad scientists.  I know.  I must be a bad mother to so many of you.  I just see the value in a little bit of breaking the rules.

Sometimes, my kids get so engrossed in what they are doing, that nothing else matters.  Even if they stay up a little late, they still get to sleep in.  Hey!  They are HOMESCHOOLED!  Art is a subject, after all.

Kaelyn drew her favorite panda bear.

How about you, my readers?  Do you ever catch your kids breaking the rules?  Do you sometimes let them get away with it?  I don't recommend allowing kids to lose sleep.  I just hope you give the kids in your life a chance to do something off schedule at times.

May God bless you all with His wisdom and peace.

This has been an entry for Thorough Thursdays.  Hope you liked it.


  1. Ah, i totally do this. i have two insatiable artists who find that bedtime is the BEST time for drawing and writing stories. i keep a tight ship. we have an early bedtime, and have been labeled the nap nazi, but i almost always let them run with it when they're onto something creatively great. i know how much i hate to be interrupted when i'm in the groove of some project. as long as they don't stay up TOO late...
    off to find the haiku post,

  2. Shawnacy,

    I didn't post about the haiku, yet but will soon.

    Thanks so much for dropping by.

    Rebecca g.


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