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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Art Academy for Nintendo DS

 ABCs of Homeschooling...A is for Art

This is the cover box for Art Academy for Nintendo DS.

I have many concerns as a homeschooling mother.  Making sure that my kids learn art is one of them.  I have never been great at art.  That is one of my weaknesses.  I needed to come up with a way for my children to still learn some art.

Kaelyn needs someone to read the directions.

That's why I was excited when I saw that art lessons were available through a game on the Nintendo DS.  We had already bought the DS system that was used.  I searched online on for good games for my five year-old.  I found this game, along with some other ones.  I determined to buy the game as cheaply as I could so we bought it at locally at GameStop.

The menus in the game are very useful.

Art Academy gives easy to follow lessons.  The only thing is that you must be able to read.  My almost six year-old stil lcan't read that fluently.  For those individuals who can read, it is a wonderful tool.  The best thing is that the art supplies are not all over the place--they're inside the virtual space.

The game explains what a pencil can do.

You can do the lessons and then save your creations.  You can see your work in the gallery.  I worked through one that my 5 year-old started.  The first lesson shows you how to draw an apple with shadows.  I even got to set the apple drawing onto a frame.

The game starts you with an easy assignment--drawing an apple.

This game offers lessons on how to draw.  It also allows for free painting.  I liked that it assumed that I knew nothing about art.  It is perfect for the beginner.  My older daughter, the aspiring artist, tried the game, found it interesting, and says she will be using it again.

The game teaches about drawing shade for dimension.

Since the DS system belongs to my youngest, it is hard for all the children to use it.  I believe the older ones try not to dominate it.  We are hoping to buy an extra DS for the younger son.  That will make it easier for my children to use this and other educational games that I have bought for the system.

The game allows you to save your picture to a gallery.

Well, thanks for reading about how I am incorporating technology in our homeschooling adventures.  I hope this encourages you to use technology in your own homeschools.

The game allows you to set your artwork on a frame.

What about you, my readers?  Do you incorporate technology in your homeschool?  There are unusual ways to accomplish it.  I would suggest this affordable educational game.

This entry is part of my Tuesday Technology series.  I hope you enjoyed it.


  1. I had NO idea you could buy educational games for those little handhelds. That is really neat! It makes me start thinking of what we already have on our computers that I could use to encourage more art with the boys too.
    Thanks for linking up today!

  2. Dawn,

    I'm glad to be part of the link up. I love sharing new ideas. I also love getting ideas for my homeschooling.

    All day, I've been trying to come up with more ideas that are about technology but go down the ABCs still. It's a wonderful challenge. Thanks for providing that.

    Rebecca G.

  3. I didn't know that there were learning games like that either. We have shied away from the DS because we didn't see any useful games at our local stores. I guess I will have to rethink...

  4. Becky,

    When I took my courses to learn how to be a teacher, we were taught to embrace technology in the classroom.

    I see that my kids like the games so I try to find educational ones so they won't be just entertained. That's not to say that all of the games we own are educational. LOL


  5. Cool! We have Nintendos for our kids and my oldest loves to draw. I'd seen that one before, but didn't know if it was worth it. Thanks for the review of sorts. =)

  6. Amber,

    I'm glad to be of help. I'll try to do some types of review for some other games we have.

    Rebecca G.


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