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Monday, April 18, 2011

B is for Blogging...Using Blogging as Writing Assignments

Sample of Gabriel's Gmod comic.

I enjoy blogging.  
It is liberating.  
It is creative.  
It is fun.  
It is very useful.

I see so many uses to blogging.  I think bloggers are able to speak on their platform and/or what they believe.  Bloggers can encourage others with regard to a given topic, like activism or education.  I love that blogging can help one make new friends and network.  I also believe that blogging can help homeschooling.

That's why I encouraged my two oldest to blog.  I allowed my teens to create their blogs.  They picked their templates and style.  They chose the font type and what the blog would be called.  I wanted them to stretch those creativity cells in their brains.

I was curious to see what my teens did with their blogs.  

I wanted to link up with the two blogs.  Through our blogs can easily link up.  I was able to use gmail within Google. I liked that I was able to do that.  I visited their websites and "followed" them through "Google Friend Connect." 

Now, I know you must be wondering: Why did she ask her teens to create a blog?  Yes, I wanted my children to be creative.  I wanted them to write.  That's the most important aspect.  I also wanted to encourage them to work on their art.

With a blog, Gabriel and Iris can showcase their artwork.  Iris works on her comics.  Gabriel works on his GMod comic, too.  With the blog, they can track their progress. They can also share their interests.

PC Game Favorites--Gabriel's blog

I think Gabriel has really embraced his blog to share about his favorite games.  He has listed the games he likes under two categories of Wii and PC titles.  He has also explained about his GMod comics in one blog entry.  I love the playfulness he added to the entry.  I am very proud of him for his work at PC Game Favorites.

Pop Anime Manga Blog--Iris' blog
Iris is a little more shy.  I have read her blog, Pop Anime Manga Blog.  You can sense her sassiness through her words.  Yes, she is like that, in real life.  She is more self-conscious about her artwork, but to me, it is awesome!

I look forward to reading more blog entries from my wonderful teens.  I can say Gabriel is already seeing he can improve.  The blogging is causing him to realize what needs editing.  That is very encouraging.  I have had a tough time getting him to write but figured correctly that he would enjoy writing about his favorite games.

How about you, my readers?  Would you encourage your teens to blog?  It could be a terrific opportunity for your teens to flex their creativity muscles.  You can also see the progress of writing.  After all, to improve writing, one must practice it. 

Thanks for reading this entry.

May God bless you all with His wisdom and peace.

This has been an entry for Technology Tuesdays


  1. I have been wanting to do this but we just haven't yet. Maybe we'll actually integrate it into homeschooling soon. My almost 16 yo created a random facts site (he built the site actually) a couple of years ago but has let it go. You have me thinking!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I wholeheartedly agree! I was thinking about having my son start a blog next year. He'll be 11 and I think having a place to put his thoughts will give him motivation to write more. He has severe writing/language delays, and can type much better than he can handwrite. The process is easier for him. Thanks for the great idea, and thanks for linking up today. :)

  3. Lori,

    I'm glad to have encouraged you. I think it's great to get the kids to blog because it holds the children accountable. The children can see that publishing their written work is to be seen by others. The children will start to take pride in putting out a polished product.

    Rebecca G.

  4. Dawn,

    I think it's wonderful that our kids can do a website at their own pace. Let you son write about what he enjoys. That will be one step to writing. Ask him to write the 5 w's like I did for Gabriel. Visit his website to see how he posted it.

    I know that I had to let my oldest, who is 15, write about his favorite games. I like how he added lots of pictures. I'm a visual learner so I learned about his favorite game from reading that entry.

    That's the beauty of homeschooling--our kids can shine--and we can learn from them, too.

    Rebecca G.

  5. I think that is a wonderful idea! It combines the writing with the technology component. Seems like it should help with the college app, too.

  6. Becky,

    Yes, I'm going to keep writing through the ABC's with a technology theme on Tuesdays.

    I have heard that it is great as a portfolio of sorts. Will look good in the high school transcripts.

    Our children need to be able to show that they have embraced technology because it is so much in our lives.

    Rebecca G.

  7. Blogging has become my only hobby--if you can call it that. LOL!! I do love posting about our homeschool adventure and I LOVE reading about other homeschool moms. Yes, this year I want my oldest DS to start hiw own blog...he did start out with one or two posts, but alas, it never got further than that. Bummer. BUT!! Starting next school'll be a requirement (not if a dictatorship way) but more of a grammar/typing skills way...I hope he can keep up with it at least once per week. Thanks for sharing!!

  8. Jessica,

    Thanks for your comments.

    It's exciting when our kids blog. I love to see what the kids can come up with.

    Yes, to see the kids practicing those writing skills is a plus. That's actually using the skills that they need. I have figured out that my son needs help with his contractions, like "isn't."

    Rebecca G.

  9. my boys have little to no interest in blogging. they do have facebooks, and will share videos and stuff. my oldest as a Bamboo digital tablet- he loves it! (he often posts his artwork or videos he has made).

    I am stopping by from the ABC hop thing. I wondered if I was the only one with short entries.... probably so... I feel "lame"- epically.

  10. Kimberly,

    My two oldest are on Facebook since they are 13 or older. My oldest shares his comic on Facebook. He has quite a few visitors at the comic site. I'm hoping to discuss about GMOD for the letter G.

    I visited your blog, and I think what matters is the content not the quantity of words. We are all very busy and fitting in the writing can be daunting. :)

    My daughter loves her tablet. She tries to use it daily.

    Thanks for visiting.

    Rebecca G.

  11. Interesting timing...Just this morning I suggested that my 12 year old start a personal blog and a blog for etsy business. Your post was a fun little confirmation! Great blog. Be blessed.

  12. Jenniandjody,

    My kids haven't really written much in their blogs, but I am hoping that they do a little more in the summer. Blogs, though, can be great for businesses. I am very glad that my two teens did start up the blogs. It takes effort and creativity to create a blog.

    Rebecca G.


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