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Monday, April 11, 2011

Exercise Update & Goals for Week Starting 04/11/11

Tools such as a timer and weights can help you exercise.

Exercising for me is not easy.  I have to make time.  I have to feel healthy enough for it.  I have to feel motivated.  I need variety.

I did fairly well last week with my exercise goals.  I only missed one day.  I can say that I was tired. I can say that I forgot, but that's not totally true.  I remembered on the eleventh hour that I had not exercised.

Here is a rundown of last week:

Monday 04/04
10 min. on exercise bike

Tuesday 04/05 
10 min. on exercise bike

Wednesday 04/06
10 min. on exercise bike

Thursday 04/07
10 min. on Wii Fit Plus

Friday 04/08
no exercise

Saturday 04/09
20 min. dancing with 1 lb. weights

Sunday 04/10
10 min. sitting on chair; exercised arms & legs

These exercise weights are old but still handy.

Yes, I can see that weekends are a challenge.  The other issue is my hormones.  I had to modify my exercises this weekend.  I added different dimensions.  I had to do what was best for me.

There are a few explanations in order.  First, I came down to 10 minutes per day of exercise.  I thought this was more realistic.  It turns out that I was right, for the most part.  Even though I missed exercising for Friday, I made up for it on Saturday.  

As for Sunday, it was late.  It was on the eleventh hour, also, that I realized I had not exercised.  Due to hubby being asleep, I decided to just sit on my computer chair and fling my arms and legs.  Believe me, I still felt the pull on my muscles.  I have flab everywhere and need to tone those body parts.

I would like to explain how I exercised and how I might modify.  On the bike, I did vigorous bicycling.  I again flung my arms around.  This week, I might do double-duty with the dumb bells because I can use them as bracelets.  On the Wii Fit Plus, I can use those same dumb bells while doing the aerobics part.

After recording my actual exercise, now I can modify my goals.

For this week, I would like to add more of the weights.  The one pound weights might not be challenging enough.  I might move up to the two pound dumb bells.  I might even walk around the dining room table until I get 10,000 steps on a pedometer, with the dumb bells.  I also like using the Wii for exercise and enjoy the jogging in place, with the dumb bells.

At this point you might be asking me several questions.  One you might be asking is: Why is she telling us about her exercise goals?  Why should we care about her health goals?  Well, I want to show those of you who are not exercising vigorously that you can begin to do some of it.  Also, I want to show that you, too, can create small health goals for yourselves.

How about you, my readers?  Do you have any fitness goals?  How are you doing?  I suggest using a calendar to record your actual exercise.  You can also feel good about your progress and/or modify your exercise.

Thanks for reading about my exercising adventures.

May God's peace and wisdom wash over you all, my beloveds.

This has been an entry for Medical Mondays.  I hope you enjoyed it.


  1. Hi,
    Thank you for visiting me during the blog party. I have only just now had the time to visit others. Between working fulltime, volunteering as a mediator and going to school part time, my blogging time isn't always as much as I'd like it.
    I joined Weight Watchers and they keep encouraging us to exercise and I keep thinking..."where do I get the time", but I'm thinking 10 minutes a day like you do is not really that much. Ultimately, I won't FIND the time so I'll have to MAKE the time. Thanks for sharing your exercise routine and great tips.

  2. Rena,

    Thanks for the comments. I haven't joined Weight Watchers or any organization like that. I have read a few books and read advice online. For other tips, you can see past entries on the Medical Mondays tab.

    Rebecca G.


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