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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Update on Health December 2011

What can I say?  There are many dimensions to my current health.  There is the mind part.  There is the physical.  Then, there is the financial.

If I worry too much, I get sick.  The opposite also holds true.

All the components come together.  One influences the other.  I have been going through financial worries.  I've been praying about it, and God has been answering my prayers.  I am feeling good, although the financial situation isn't perfect.

I think I've gained weight!

I have gotten sidetracked with my health.  I think I've probably gained a few pounds.  I'm afraid to weigh myself.  I'm chicken.  I'll eventually weigh in so I can know my starting point for the new year's goals; I'm just not ready to know the truth right now. 

As for what's on my mind, let's just say it's all about putting my foot down.  I am not gonna allow bad things to enter my home.  I am not gonna allow negativity to enter through my door.  This is fair warning to those who might want to come to my house.  I don't need people putting me down or making me feel bad in my home.  

There.  That felt great to write out!

...and I've said all of this before the holidays so it won't be a surprise.

Well, thanks for reading about my update on the health situation this December.  I hope this blog encourages someone to improve their own health.

How about you, my readers?  Is your health poor?  Do you have any new health goals for December?  How have you handled setbacks to your health?  I encourage you to assess your current health.  It's a great opportunity to adjust your habits to improve your life.   

If you need to improve your health, in any form, please ask God to help you; He will, if you pray for His guidance.

This is an entry for Medical Mondays.  For past entries, click here.

Disclaimer: The viewpoints that I discussed here are just my opinions.  Please consult your physician before altering anything relating to your health.  I am only suggesting here to take charge of your health.  Don't just leave your health in the hands of your doctors; become your own advocate.  You know best how your body is doing.


  1. Good luck, Rebecca. I've really made an effort to not only lose weight, but eat healthier and exercise a lot more. It makes a huge difference. You can do it!

  2. Rena,

    Thanks. I know it's been stress eating that has caused me to bring a few pounds back. I know I can lose the pounds, but I have to say no to the extra foods. I'm looking forward to a new phase in my life.

    Rebecca G.


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