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Friday, December 9, 2011

The Case for Learning About Strategies

My husband's latest creation--a trailer (not finished).

Here's the case for knowing about strategies--you can build useable stuff.  Take, for example, the trailer above.  My hubby had been putting this off for far too long.  After playing the Fluidity game on our Wii, he started to create it.  In one day, he had assembled most of this trailer together.  

Hubby stands over the pieces he eventually welded together.

I am very proud of my hubby.  I've seen him in action.  Before he begins any project, he either sees a manual (if it is provided) or he calculates a plan in his mind.  He puts his fingers around his chin and stares at the pieces before diving in.  In effect, he's just like a little kid with a bunch of Legos in his hands.

Hubby used the right combination for leveling the trailer.

There are real life applications to strategizing.

What do you do when you need money?  You make a trailer.  Why?  Well, to transport metal that you find in your home.  When we are in a financial bind, my hubby knows how to make a little money.  That's strategy at work.

My husband builds trailers that he can sell when we are low in cash.

You can see the goal--we needed money.  You see the plan--my hubby planned how to make money.  He built a trailer, which can someday transport metal.  The salvage yard pays good money for scrap metal.  Presto!  We have potential to make money (more than once) after he finishes building it.

Mini-strategy is how to add safety lights to trailer.

Please understand this: my husband is in his late forties.  He is like a kid in many ways.  He likes playing games of all kinds.  He doesn't always have time for it, but he is willing to play with our children.  He has played Connect 4, Monopoly, and other Wii games with the children.

Our children need to be equipped for life.

For this week, I have been concentrating on talking about strategy.  I think it's important to think about this topic.  I have seen too many teens who go floundering about, not knowing what to do in life.  Questions about how to solve life problems come up very often in life.  It's not always easy making decisions.

I thank you for indulging me in this topic.  It's too important not to address.  I think our children need to learn the what-if-this-then-that game in life.  As my sister has mentioned in recent conversations, we need to have a firm foundation to build upon. Providing opportunities to strategize, during play, is a wonderful way for our children to learn about how to create a plan to achieve goals later in life.

Thanks so much for reading this entry about my case for learning about strategies.

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How about you, my readers?  Have you witnessed successful evidence of strategy at work?  If so, would you use those episodes for inspiration and/or lessons to teach about strategy? I would encourage allowing children to create buildings with Legos.  It could be a wonderful chance for children to showcase their strategic skills.

May God bless you all with His wisdom and peace.

This entry is part of the Family Fun Fridays series.

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