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Saturday, December 17, 2011

How to Make a Gingerbread House

Gingerbread House Kit--ingredients visible

Years ago, we had bought a gingerbread house kit.  The kids enjoyed it so much.  I wanted to give my kids an opportunity to put one together again.  I even asked my eldest to join in the fun.  He gladly joined in.

Backside of gingerbread house--the instructions
Decorations for gingerbread house

There were gumdrops and peppermint candies in the kit.  I added other ingredients like the colorful M&M's, chocolate chips, and candy canes as an option.  I wanted the kids to pick and choose whatever they wanted to use.  I put each ingredient in different cupcake holders so the kids could slide the ingredients around on the table.  That took away a lot of the fussing.

Assembly of gingerbread house

My husband poured the glue, while my oldest put the walls and roof together.  The glue was some super gooey cream.

Hubby adding glue to gingerbread house
Kids decorating gingerbread house

It was finally time to decorate the gingerbread house.  A lot of the glue had been set on the roof, windows and doors. 

Finished product--one awesome gingerbread house

There was no right or wrong way to decorate the house.  I didn't criticize the kids for where they put each candy piece.  I gave a few suggestions, but they did a wonderful job.  They even made a path from the house.  I love what they came up with.  More important, I love that all four kids worked on it together because they need to know how to work within a group setting.

Well, thanks for reading this entry about how to make a gingerbread house.  
I hope you liked it.

How about you, my readers?  Has your family ever made a gingerbread house?  If so, did you make it from scratch or did you buy a kit?  What would you add or subtract from this gingerbread house?  I would encourage buying a kit and letting the kids work on it.  It's a wonderful project for the kids to use their creativity. 

This has been a Saturday Spreads entry.  I hope you liked it.

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