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Monday, January 30, 2012

From the Pedometer to the Progress: Update on Health Habits for January 2012

My water and a pedometer motivate me to move.

I went through an interesting week.  We struggled financially.  Then, my side started to hurt again.  I think it was the caffeine that started affecting my kidneys.  It slowed me down from seeing any progress on the pedometer.

Fortunately, I did have some good news.  Here is an update on my progress:

1. I'm still reading my Bible.

2. I walked 6 out of 7 days.  The day I didn't, my left side was hurting me.

3. I stopped taking my supplements.  Instead, I am taking a liver tonic because the last time I had the pain, I felt better afterwards.

4. I drank my allotted water 6 out of 7 days.  I'm okay because I started two days earlier.  Yes, Saturday was the first time I only drank 2 out of at least 4 bottles of water.

5. Still ate junk food and drank soda.  I can't believe that my resolve is not strong enough about this.  I can't say NO to hubby when he offers to buy me soda.

6. We bought a larger refrigerator.  Yes!  Now, I can buy grassfed beef and fruits and veggies in bulk.

7. I think I've lost 2 lbs.  My blue jeans fit differently.  Yes!

Plans for the upcoming week:

1. I hope to cook more meals, instead of getting takeout.

2. I hope to make more smoothies.

3. I hope to eat more fruits and veggies. 

4. I hope to walk 4,000 steps per day.

I'm very excited because of the bigger refrigerator.  It will allow us to buy more of the good stuff and be able to see it.  In the past, we had the fruits and veggies hidden inside a white drawer.  Now, the drawers are see through.  Also, we were needing a bigger refrigerator because the one we were using was too small to hold enough food for just one week for a family of six.  I thank God that we finally found this refrigerator.

Well, thanks for reading about my pedometer helping me progress towards my health habits for January 2012.  I hope this blog entry encourages y'all to develop your own health goals.

How about you, my readers?  Do you have any new health goals for January, in keeping with New Year's resolutions?  How do you plan to improve your health this month or this year?  I encourage you to assess your current health.  It's a great opportunity to adjust your habits to improve your life.   

If you need to improve your health, in any form, please ask God to help you; He will, if you pray for His guidance.

This is an entry for Medical Mondays.  For past entries, click here.

Disclaimer: The viewpoints that I discussed here are just my opinions.  Please consult your physician before altering anything relating to your health.  I am only suggesting here to take charge of your health.  Don't just leave your health in the hands of your doctors; become your own advocate.  You know best how your body is doing.

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