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Monday, February 28, 2011

Progress On My Blog Dare

On my calendar, I input my blog entry titles.

I thought I would take some time to review the progress I have made on my blogging adventure.

When I first started blogging this year, I asked my husband to purchase a monthly planner for 2011.  In it, I have logged in what I wanted to write.  For this month, I have erased some entries from the blogging prompts if something of high interest came up in life.  That is why I have an eclectic mix of topics that I have blogged about thus far.

I have been enjoying my blogging.  I have also been frustrated at times, when I knew what I wanted to say but had to think it over before hitting the "post" button.  I am glad to be writing because I have been practicing.  My writing is also having a positive impact on teaching my teens how to write.  Writing is also allowing me to vent when necessary.

Blogging is allowing me to be more creative.  I like taking pictures relating to what I will be writing about.  I get to combine an image to words.  I am enjoying that new aspect that I started to include in this month of February.  I hope to continue using pictures in March, too.

Of course, I cannot go on without saying that I actually started a more formal blogging site this month, here at Blogging With Goodly Intentions.  It was fun to come up with a name, too.  What name could sum up what my reason for blogging was?  That's when I realized what it should be.  I wanted to have versatility within my blogging to include topics of interest to me and my readers.

In the future, I might focus more on educational and/or homeschooling posts.  I want to address the idea of homeschooling in the high school years as I learn along the way.  There is already plenty of information out in the internet about home educating in the lower grades.  I think more needs to be put out for the higher grades, though.  I do hope to contribute to society whatever nuggets of wisdom I can impart in that arena.

What about you, my readers?  Is there some topic you think I could research or discuss in my blog?  Don't be shy.  Just please be reasonable and nice with your requests.  Okay?

God bless you all, my beloveds, with His perfect peace.


  1. Hi,

    I have a question about your site, would you mind emailing me back @


  2. I do agree that homeschooling through the high school years needs more attention. I am looking forward to reading more about it. I have one graduating this year from high school--it was a long hard road and I learned alot from it.

  3. Kathleen,

    I sent you an email.


  4. MissMOE,

    Thanks for your comments.

    Yes, I know that some people are starting to give attention to this segment of high school homeschoolers now, but I need it asap, since I already have my oldest inching his way into 9th grade.

    I am just going to have to research it as much as I can and blog about what I find.



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