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Monday, February 14, 2011

A New Love--Puppy Love--That Is!

Puppy Love

This is a perfect time for a new love to come into my family.  Who would think that a new love would come into our lives in the form of a canine.  Yes, a large 11 month-old yellow Labrador Retriever puppy has made his way into our hearts.  His name is Coco.  My sister-in-law was moving and couldn't take him with her so we decided to adopt him. 

My husband brought Coco home just this past Saturday.  While settling here, he became acquainted with the next-door neighbor's little black doggie, which I think is a Chihuahua.  Only the chain link fence separates them.

They both ran next to each other. 
They stared at each other.  They growled.  They noses met.  They marked their territory.    It was hilarious!

Saturday night, feeling more safer than ever before about leaving the house by itself, we went to Walmart to buy Coco a large bag of dog food.  In the short time that I had prior to our grocery trip, I looked up information about how to train him so I opted to buy him some treats.  Hubby wanted to buy him a large collar, a long leash, and a flea collar, too.  He had also brought over the igloo-type dog house from his former residence.  All we need now is to take him to the vet, when we can, to get his shots and and a checkup.

I am very happy and thankful to my sister-in-law for letting us take Coco.  We are already so in love with him.  Even my three youngest went out to play with him so that he can get to know them.  My teenage daughter, Iris, has expressed a desire to train him, and that will be a great experience for her.  The fortunate situation is that labs are gentle and skillful, if given a chance to shine.

I pray that my family will have many wonderful moments with him.  

How about you, my family and friends?  Do you have a pet that you love?  Aren't they a great source of love?  I pray you have a pet to enhance the love in your life.

My loving peace I extend to you all, my beloved family and friends.


  1. Dogs are great, aren't they? I hope you and your family enjoy your new lab. :)

    I am following you back.
    Hip Chick's Guide to PMS, Pregnancy, and Babies

  2. DP,

    Thanks for commenting. Yes, dogs are wonderful.



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