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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Advantages of a Hobby Like Crocheting

Above is the baby blanket for my youngest child.
I began crocheting by teaching myself. I bought a book which was accompanied with different sizes of needles. I bought a few skeins of yarn. I looked at the pictures, especially those that explained how to crochet for the left-handed. I began with the basics; then I attempted my first project--pot holders.

The pair came out ugly. I did not throw them away, though. I still have them and use them. They are a reminder that I taught myself how to do something. I know that I made something useful.

I think that this single thing defines me. I don't want to just take up space in this world. I want to be useful and to be a blessing to those around me. Others may not see me as such, but it only matters how my God sees me. I don't have to prove myself to others because I know that I matter to God.

Anyway, I have since made more pot holders, scarves, hats, booties, pillows, blankets, rugs, , sweater vests, one pullover sweater, and travel pillows. I am not one to use elaborate patterns nor will I ever boast making baby clothes and/or doilies. I am not that sophisticated. All I can claim to do is to make a few things for my kids on demand. Yes, I have made a little bit of money off of some of the items but not much to say that I have ever broken even.

Why do it then? Well, for starters, whenever I have been under a lot of stress, crocheting calms me down. Sure, I do some thinking while I crochet, but I get some satisfaction in knowing that the end result will be a colorful, useful item that comes out of my mental anguish. For example, when we were house hunting once, I made a thick blanket that I later gave to my mother-in-law. Also, when I was bed-ridden while pregnant with my last child, I made her a blanket, too, which she still has.

The other thing that I like about crocheting is that it lends itself to creativity. I can create the same items in different colors. I have made scarves of different sizes and different colors to experiment. I also have made booties in different sizes as my child demand them. Sometimes I make them bigger so my children can wear them for a longer time.

The blankets, some of which are very colorful, have allowed me to lovingly create a lasting hug for my children. Long after they have left my nest, they will still have a piece of their home with them wherever they go.

I have also given away some of the items. It feels good that even if I can't sell the items right away, they will be going to good homes. Also, I have blessed some of the items, like scarves as presents. I like giving them, as I am able, to members of my husband's large family.

Is this craft expensive? Yes, but which craft isn't? Once I have bought the tools, I don't need to buy them again, unless the needles are lost. It is like the woodworker. He needs his cutting tools and then the wood that he works on. The yarn I need to buy is like the wood that the woodworker would need.

Crocheting is fun but to some, I'm sure it's tedious. For me, I work at my own pace. I can put it away and come back at my own leisure. It is like my writing, I can come back to a piece I am working on and pick up where I left off. Crocheting, like writing, require forethought, but once you are on a roll, you can create something very beautiful.

How about you, my readers? Is there some craft or hobby you do? Is it gardening? Is it fishing? Does it relax you? No matter what, it is worth the time and money for your peace of mind. Try a new one if you have been feeling stressed.

Thanks for reading this entry.

May God grant you peace, my beloveds.

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