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Monday, April 16, 2012

Healthy Choices: Update on Health Habits for April 2012

Veggies and fruits are healthy choices.

Choices, choices--what is healthy to eat?

What meat can I eat?  Grass fed beef, without hormones and antibiotics is a good option.  Salmon is good for the heart.  It has Omega 3 oils.  Chicken, free range, and while you're at it, the eggs are great, too.

What about the type of oil to cook with?  

Canola oil is out.  Wait, what is vegetable oil?  Olive oil has been my option.  I've heard coconut oil is best.  

Can I eat tortillas?

What about grains?  Well, am I gluten intolerant?  Then, I should stay away from wheat.  Barley is delicious.  What about couscous...they are a bunch of mini-balls, a funny texture to the mouth.

Of course, there are other considerations.  
One should stay away from processed foods.  One should stay away from Genetically Modified foods.  One should stay away from high fructose corn syrup.  One shouldn't eat so much takeout.  Given all of this, the food choices are very limited.
What am I supposed to eat?
Well, there are fruits and vegetables and nuts.  I've heard chickpeas are a good source of protein.  I think I can still eat my pinto beans, but I don't think I should eat white rice.  Brown rice is a better choice.  The vegetables like potatoes, tomatoes, spinach, and lemons are wonderful choices to consume as are fruits, like apples, bananas, and pears.

You may be asking, what brought on all this compilation of information?

I have been keeping a good food diary of what I've eaten.  It has lead me to consider what I should be eating versus what I am actually eating.  Also, my husband and I finally saw Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, a documentary about Joe Cross, a very sick man, who went on a quest to get healthy by juicing.  By the way, my husband finally understands my desire to eat healthier.  We've even discussed buying a juicer.

I pray that my journey to making healthier choices for foods drastically improves.  I pray that the cravings for junk foods and takeout decreases.  I pray that my family joins me at every step.  I pray that I have the energy to make positive changes to my health.  I pray that I can institute the changes, as well. 

How about you, my readers?  Are you keeping up with any health goals for the month of April, related to your New Year's resolutions?  How do you plan to improve your health at this point?  Have you seen Fat, Sick & Nearly DeadI encourage you all to consider seeing the movie, which can be viewed through Netflix.  It's a great opportunity to have some tangible proof of how one man lost weight and got healthier through consuming fruits and vegetables.  

If you need to improve your health, in any form, please ask God to help you; He will, if you pray for His guidance.

This is an entry for Medical Mondays.  For past entries, click here.

Disclaimer: The viewpoints that I discussed here are just my opinions.  Please consult your physician before altering anything relating to your health.  I am only suggesting here to take charge of your health.  Don't just leave your health in the hands of your doctors; become your own advocate.  You know best how your body is doing.

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