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Monday, February 13, 2012

From Hormones to Hopefulness: Update on Health Habits for February 2012

Enjoying my freezer full of veggies and fruit.

Hormones have struck again.  

I've been suffering terrible migraines.  I'm hoping that they'll be going away soon.  Feeling debilitated has caused me to get sidetracked from my health goals.  I am looking forward to jumping on the good bandwagon once again this new week.

Here is an update on my progress:

1. Drank at least 64 oz. of water.

2. I put on my shoes for most of the week.  Unfortunately, the pedometer I used was not accurate at counting my steps. 

3. Cooked everyday.  Incorporated more vegetables.  Got takeout only once in the weekend.

4. Made a Greek yogurt smoothie with whey protein.  Drank it throughout the weekend.

5. Weight is still about the same.  Can't tell of any change due to the hormones causing bloating.

6. Most importantly, I've read the Bible everyday.

Plans for the upcoming week:

1. Hope to buy a new pair of tennis and a pedometer.

2. Hope to schedule and plot down my supplement intake.

3. Hope to sleep more.

4. Hope to drink my current berry smoothie in the mornings.

5. Hope to incorporate more veggies to the morning meals and snacks, possibly in a frittata and/or salads.

Well, thanks for reading about my being affected by hormones but feeling hopeful about my health for 2012.  I hope this blog entry encourages you, my beloved readers, to develop your own health goals.

How about you, my readers?  Are you keeping up with any health goals for February, related to your New Year's resolutions?  How do you plan to improve your health this month?  I encourage you to assess your current health.  It's a great opportunity to adjust your habits to improve your life.   

If you need to improve your health, in any form, please ask God to help you; He will, if you pray for His guidance.

This is an entry for Medical Mondays.  For past entries, click here.

Disclaimer: The viewpoints that I discussed here are just my opinions.  Please consult your physician before altering anything relating to your health.  I am only suggesting here to take charge of your health.  Don't just leave your health in the hands of your doctors; become your own advocate.  You know best how your body is doing.

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